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Wellness Policy

Children and adolescents need access to healthful foods and opportunities to be physically active in order to grow, learn, and thrive. With childhood obesity increasing across the nation, the role that schools play in promoting sound nutrition and physical exercise is more important than ever.

To help ensure that 4J students have the opportunity to eat well, be active, and learn about healthy choices, the Eugene School District adopted a comprehensive wellness policy in spring 2006.

Key elements of 4J’s wellness policy include:

All students should have opportunities, support and encouragement to be physically active on a daily basis.

  • Physical activity is encouraged to be integrated into the academic curriculum.
  • Physical education will not be withheld as punishment.
  • Recess will be withheld for disciplinary reasons only on an occasional basis as part of an individual or school-wide behavior plan.

Foods served to students should be nutritious and healthy.

  • Foods for sale: Soda pop (including no-calorie varieties) will not be sold or distributed at school. Other foods of minimal nutritious value (e.g. most candy, chewing gum, cotton candy, candy-coated popcorn) will not be sold to students on campus during the school day. All foods offered for sale must meet the district’s Healthy Snack Guidelines.
  • Foods in the classroom: Staff should be judicious in any use of food as an incentive or reward, at celebrations, or as part of the curriculum, taking into consideration the nutritional value of the food being served and the frequency of use. Schools should limit the use of food at celebrations that are not related to the curriculum. When food is used as part of a social or cultural event in the schools, staff and parents are encouraged to provide nutritious foods that are consistent with the Healthy Parties Guidelines. These guidelines (attached) provide parents and teachers with nutrition targets and examples of healthy, affordable food choices for snacks and parties.
  • Foods of minimal nutritious value (e.g. soda pop, most candies, chewing gum, cotton candy, candy-coated popcorn) may not be distributed by staff as a reward for academic performance or good behavior. These products may not be purchased with a district VISA card and employee purchases will not be reimbursed. The use of any other kinds of candy as a reward also is strongly discouraged.
  • These requirements also apply to before- and after-school activities sponsored by the district, except for activities at which adults are a significant part of the audience (e.g. carnivals, athletic events).

To learn more about the specific requirements and guidelines under the district’s wellness policy, please see the links at right.