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Secondary Schedule Review

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This fall, Eugene School District 4J began an in-depth review of secondary school schedules after determining the current schedules don’t adequately meet the district’s priorities for all 4J students.

A team of teachers, licensed specialists and district administrators began meeting in September first to establish the values and priorities it would use to evaluate options for a new high school schedule. After months of analysis and deliberation, the team recommended four scheduling options to district leadership for a final review and selection in early December. They invited feedback from parents, staff members and students. On December 13, district leadership selected the 2 x 4 A/B/C as the high school schedule that most closely met the goals and needs of 4J’s system.

Starting in January, the district will engage in a process similar to the high school schedule selection process to develop the new middle school schedule.

District Priorities

The current trimester schedule does not adequately meet the district’s priorities for all 4J students. The team reviewed options that are consistent with a semester, rather than a trimester, structure. The district’s priorities, used to weigh proposed options, were:

  • Prioritizing access and opportunities for students receiving support services, such as through an IEP, 504 plan, or ELL;
  • Providing flexibility for students so that they are allowed time to access affinity groups, enrichments, extensions and interventions;
  • Increasing opportunities for collaboration amongst staff so that students receive the highest quality services;
  • Optimizing class sizes where possible;
  • Promoting positive relationships for students and staff;
  • Meeting the minimum instructional hours required under state law

New High School Schedule

Beginning in the fall of 2023, students in grades 9–12 will operate on a two-semester x four-class A/B/C day schedule. This means that there will be two semesters with eight classes per semester. Four classes will be held twice a week on alternating days (A/B), with a flexible day (C) one day a week.

High School Schedule starting 2023-24. 2 x 4 (A/B/C)

This new schedule will provide students with the greatest number of opportunities to obtain credits, balances class length with homework expectations, provides flexibility to all students so that interventions do not have to come at the expense of electives or participation in affinity groups and enrichment courses. It further increases teacher preparation and planning time throughout the week and has a minimal impact on existing class sizes.

No one schedule is the definitive solution to student success. That said, the district believes that this schedule will help us maximize impact on student learning, specifically for the student groups identified as historically marginalized.

Look for more information in the coming months from your students’ high school regarding the specifics of the coming school schedule, such as class length, course offerings, and which days will follow an A, B or C school schedule.

New High School Schedule Timeline

Middle School Schedule

Middle schools also will shift to a semester system for the 2023-24 school year. Starting in January, the district will engage in a process similar to the high schools schedule selection process to develop the new middle school schedule. Stay tuned for more information.

Schedule Review Team Members

Teachers and Licensed Specialists:

  • Julie Bounds, band teacher, Sheldon High School
  • Imelda Cortez, language arts teacher, Kelly Middle School
  • Theresa Hilkey, math teacher, ECCO
  • Sarah Hocken, science teacher, South Eugene High School
  • Ali Magee, language arts teacher, North Eugene High School
  • Laura Martin, counselor, Churchill High School
  • Karen Rengifo, ELD teacher
  • Steve Smith, social studies teacher, International High School
  • Steven Tygart, special education instructor, North Eugene and Churchill high schools
  • Kara Walter, CTE teacher, North Eugene High School
  • Sabrina Gordon, president, Eugene Education Association

District Staff:

  • Sebastian Bolden, director of middle school education
  • Greg Borgerding, director of high school education
  • Rob Hess, chief of staff
  • Ed Mendelssohn, district administrator
  • Sun Saeteurn, principal, Monroe Middle School
  • Brooke Wagner, assistant superintendent for instruction
  • Larry Williams, co-director, equity, inclusion and instruction department

Updates & Feedback

This webpage will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Revisión del horario de las preparatorias

A partir de septiembre de 2022, un equipo de maestros, especialistas autorizados y administradores del distrito comenzaron a reunirse para revisar varias opciones y recomendar cambios en los horarios de las preparatorias. El equipo planea hacer recomendaciones al liderazgo del distrito a fines de noviembre, para el año escolar 2023–24.

Prioridades del distrito

El calendario trimestral actual no cumple adecuadamente con las prioridades del distrito para todos los estudiantes del 4J. El equipo está revisando opciones que sean consistentes con una estructura semestral, en lugar de trimestral. Las prioridades del distrito, que se utilizarán para sopesar las opciones propuestas, son:

  • Priorizar el acceso y las oportunidades para los estudiantes que reciben servicios de apoyo, como a través de un IEP, un plan 504 o ELL;
  • Brindar flexibilidad a los estudiantes para que tengan tiempo de acceder a grupos de afinidad, enriquecimiento, extensiones e intervenciones;
  • Aumentar las oportunidades de colaboración entre el personal para que los estudiantes reciban servicios de la más alta calidad;
  • Optimizar el tamaño de las clases cuando sea posible;
  • Promover relaciones positivas para los estudiantes y el personal;
  • Cumplir con las horas mínimas de instrucción requeridas por la ley estatal

Miembros del equipo de revisión de horarios

Maestros y especialistas autorizados:

  • Julie Bounds, maestra de banda, Sheldon High School
  • Imelda Cortez, maestra de artes del lenguaje, Kelly Middle School
  • Theresa Hilkey, maestra de matemáticas, ECCO
  • Sarah Hocken, maestra de ciencias, South Eugene High School
  • Ali Magee, maestra de artes del lenguaje, North Eugene High School
  • Laura Martin, consejera, Churchill High School
  • Karen Rengifo, maestra de ELD
  • Steve Smith, maestro de estudios sociales, International High School
  • Steven Tygart, instructor de educación especial, North Eugene y Churchill High escuelas
  • Kara Walter, maestra de CTE, North Eugene High School
  • Sabrina Gordon, presidenta de la Eugene Education Association

Personal del distrito:

  • Sebastian Bolden, director de educación de secundarias
  • Greg Borgerding, director de educación de preparatorias
  • Rob Hess, jefe de personal
  • Ed Mendelssohn, administrador del distrito
  • Sun Saeteurn, director de la Secundaria Monroe
  • Brooke Wagner, asistente del superintendente de instrucción
  • Larry Williams, codirector, departamento de equidad, inclusión e instrucción

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