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Library Services

Library Services

Welcome to Eugene 4J Library Services We're here to help! Picture of library with cartoon librarian

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2021-2022 Virtual Field Trip Recordings Follett Destiny 4J School Catalogs Menu of Librarian Services Amy Page 4J District Librarian- Lit. Love, Tasty Tech, Info. Specials, and Staff Specials.
Sora the student reading app. Ebooks and Audiobooks Choose your own adventure. Teachers! Click here to request a virtual field trip for your class, grade level, or school 4J Virtual Library- cartoon librarian in library with different resources for students
Student Resources- photo of stack of books Teacher Resources- tree icon with each branch a different school subject Library & Ed Tech PD Recordings and Resource slides


Eugene 4J Students and Teachers Only: Get your free Eugene Public Library Card by calling 541-682-5450.