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Nutrition Facts and Ingredient Information

We have a new MENU tool available that gives quick access to menus.  It’s called NutriSlice!!  Using NutriSlice will enable you to have instant access to our current menus, along with ingredient information, carb counts, allergen information, and more.  There is also an App available in your App store.
Here’s the link:

The following information should not be used for treating food related illness, allergies or intolerance   Products are subject to change without notice.  The actual products or serving sizes can vary from school to school depending on the following:

  • Substitutions as a result of product shortages from vendors
  • Substitutions when prepared products run out
  • Different serving sized for different grade levels
  • Variations in hand-served portions
  • Human error in preparation and serving


 For further allergy information, see our Allergy and Special Diets Page.

If you are not able to find the product you are looking for or would like to recommend additions to this site, please contact Marquis Scurlock at:
Phone: 541 790-7657

Email: mscurlock@4j.lane.edu