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Allergies & Special Diets

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP), and other Child Nutrition Programs require participating school districts to provide meals that meet federal program requirements.

These requirements include making substitutions to the standard meal for students who are considered disabled and whose disability restricts their diet.

A school district may, at its discretion, make substitutions for individual participants who are not disabled persons but are unable to consume a food item because of medical or other special dietary needs (see “Participants With Medical or Other Special Dietary Needs”).

Generally, participants with food allergies or intolerances, or obese participants, are not considered disabled persons. Therefore, school districts are not required to make substitutions for these reasons.  However, when a physician assesses that food allergies may result in severe, life-threatening reactions (anaphylactic reactions) or obesity is severe enough to substantially limit a major life activity, then the student may meet the definition of disabled person for meal substitutions.

Here are important forms to review:

Meal substitution info  word   pdf

Feeding students with disabilities or other special needs  word   pdf

Medical statement for children with disabilities  word  pdf   (to be filled out by physician ONLY)

Medical statement for non-disabled students   word   pdf  (can be filled out by medical authorities as listed on the form)


For general questions regarding allergies, please contact Nutrition Services at 541-790-7656 or nutrition@4j.lane.edu

Nut Allergies:  Eugene School District serves no tree nuts or nut products (including peanuts). Note that some items are made in facilities that possibly process nuts.

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Vegetarian Resources

We offer vegetarian options daily at each school. Refer to the “Menus” tab on the right to see your school’s menu. Students may work with the kitchen team as many items may be prepared meat-free with advanced notice.