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Elementary TeacherVUE: Menu Buttons – Reports


This page provides a snippet of each PDF and Excel report found under the Report button on the student Seating Chart screen. To run reports in a format other than PDF, click the report interface (paper/pencil) icon to the right of the report name in the menu. In the pop-up window, select Sort/Output tab. In the File Type field, select the type of file you want generated. Most reports allow additional options to be selected via the report interface (paper/pencil) and some reports require additional options to be selected before data is generated. For example, ATD403 allows you to select the attendance code(s) to be shown on the report. If no codes are selected, no file is generated.

The images of reports below provide a general idea of what each looks like. The full documents are not shown due to space limitations, especially for the Excel reports.

Reports: Quick Look
Eugene · ATD403 – Daily Absence List pdf · STU402 – Student and Parent Directory pdf
· CHS407 – Work Samples by Class pdf · STU408 – Class List pdf
· CHS408 – Work Samples by Year pdf · STU409 – Class Roster pdf
· CHS409 – Work Samples by Student pdf · STU410 – Emergency Contact Directory pdf
· HLT401 – Student Health Conditions List pdf · STU419 – Section Seating Chart pdf
· HLT404 – Class Health Conditions List pdf
· STU802 – Student Mailing Labels pdf
· STU201 – Student Profile pdf
· TST201 – Student Test History pdf
· STU401 – Student List pdf · TST403 – Class Test Analysis pdf