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Equity and Diversity Statement

The Eugene 4J School District teaches its students to value and respect all persons. To effectively teach this concept, the District must have employees who share this belief and who represent a wide range of diverse perspectives.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for developing and implementing personnel policies and programs which affect all employees of the District. In addition, the Department offers consultation to District 4J employees regarding all matters related to their employment rights and the conditions of their employment. The programs of the Human Resources Department include: Recruitment and Selection, Salary/Wage Administration, Risk Management and Benefits Administration, Workforce Diversity, Labor and Employee Relations, and Employee Evaluation. The ultimate goal of the Human Resources Department is to contribute to the achievement of the District’s educational mission and overall goals by implementing and administering State-of-the-Art future oriented professional personnel practices.

The Human Resources Department, in accordance with District policy, ensures equal employment opportunity (non-discrimination) and workforce diversity. The Department implements action plans for the recruitment, appointment, training and promotion of qualified minorities, women, and persons with disabilities in job categories in which they are under-represented.

The Human Resources Department strives to recruit, select, promote, and retain a highly effective and diverse licensed, administrative, and classified workforce by implementing a system of recruitment which attracts an adequate pool of qualified candidates. Additionally, the Department continues to improve internal systems for staff accounting, assignment, and evaluations.

The Human Resources Department provides professional consultation, advice, and support to all employees on work related issues, including consultation on contractual obligations and responsibilities, effective human resources practices, District human resources policies, and compliance with legal mandates.

The Human Resources Department maintains a collaborative working relationship and bargains labor agreements with the District’s certified and classified employee unions, and collaborates with the District’s administrators’ group. The Department manages and administers all labor agreements consistent with District human resource policies so that employees within each group are treated consistently, fairly, and equitably.