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Library Services Vision and Mission

Vision statement:

Our vision is for libraries to be the heart of every school inspiring reading, critical inquiry, curiosity, transliteracy, collaboration, adaptability, and innovation.


Mission statement:

Our mission is to provide strategies, resources, and connections that support and encourage the development of strong library programs throughout the district and innovative learning for students. We are committed to:

  • Creating safe spaces where all patrons feel welcome.
  • Encouraging the pursuit of curiosity and personal interests through reading and research.
  • Providing both traditional and digital resources for students and staff that support curricular goals and objectives.  
  • Curating digital instructional tools to support teaching and learning and providing professional development on the best practices for implementing these tools.
  • Empowering students and staff to be discerners of information.
  • Providing relevant resources and training on how to access and utilize traditional and digital resources. 
  • Teaching, modeling, and implementing sound digital citizenship instruction to prepare students to be competent, ethical users of digital information and platforms.
  • Developing diverse collections that reflect not only the community we live in but our nation and the people and cultures of the world.  


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