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Secondary TeacherVUE Documentation for Synergy

This page contains resources for completing specific tasks in Synergy TeacherVUE. Videos, that usually contain more detailed instructions than the PDFs, are currently being updated to be specific to the needs of secondary teachers. If a video requires a password to view, contact your TSS.

Currently, two teachers will guide your video learning.

  • Mrs. Jess Wingit uses her first grade Synergy account to demonstrate tasks that are very similar between elementary and secondary teachers.
  • Ms. Penelope Socrates demonstrates tasks that are unique to secondary teachers.

Table of Contents

Grade Book

  1. Basic Setup
  2. Google Classroom
  3. Grade Calculation Setup
  4. Assignments
  5. Enter & View Grades
  6. Class Tools
  7. Special Features

Report Cards

  1. Post Grades


  1. Navigate TeacherVUE
  2. View Student Records
  3. Seating Charts
  4. Attendance
  5. Use Student Notes
  6. Communicate / Email
  7. Test Results, Term Grades, and Work Samples
  8. Reports
  9. Manage Discipline (Feature is pending at this time.)
  10. Substitute Information (Feature is not available at this time.)

Help – Other

  1. Clear Browser Cache
  2. Zoom Meeting: Pre-assign breakout rooms

Grade Book

Basic Setup PDF Tips Video
Access Grade Book PDF
Add a Subject Type (optional) Video (2:10)
Add an Assignment Type (optional) PDF Web Video (2:49)
Add a Grade Book Comment (optional) PDF Web
Configure Assignment Scoring Settings – Set assignment weights, dropped scores, and set default points. PDF
Final Grade Rounding Settings PDF
Custom Grade Book Score Types – Learn how to create custom rubrics. PDF
Add Standards to Your Class – Optional, but may be helpful for SLOs. PDF Web
Google Classroom PDF Tips Video
Sync Google Classroom and Synergy Grade Book PDF Video (4:53)
Recover Google Classroom Classes Video (2:50)
Students Locate Work in Google Drive Video (1:17)
Grade Calculation Setup PDF Tips Video
Final Grade Config: Apply a Report Card Score Type to a Section
Use the default district grading scale or create your own. 
Customize Report Card Score Types (Course Grading Scale)
Use a district-created Report Card Score Type or create your own.
Create a Custom Report Card Grading Scale PDF Web
Assignments PDF Tips Video
Choose Grading Period Focus Video (4:45)
Create Assignments PDF Web  Video (2:57)
Quick Tips for Easy Grade Entry Web
Edit Multiple Assignments — you can make certain global adjustments to your assignments by selecting Grade Book > Assignments in TeacherVUE.
Weight Assignments Using the Maximum Points Field Web
Weight Assignments by Assignment Type PDF
Add Standards to Assignments Web
View Grades PDF Tips Video
Use Filters & Options to Customize Your Grade Book View Web  Video (7:14)
View Previous Years’ Grade Books PDF
Reports PDF Tips Video
Grade Book Reports Overview
Detailed Progress Report (via Reports menu) Web
Student Missing Assignments Report Web
Print the Grade Book Web
Class Tools PDF Tips Video
Class Web Sites PDF
Add Resources to your Class PDF Web
How to Add Resources to your Assignment/Class Web
Special Features PDF Tips Video
Create Breakout or Intervention Classes PDF
Add Students to Breakout or Intervention Classes PDF

Report Cards

Post Grades PDF Tips Video
Progress Report (print and email versions via Report Card menu) Video (4:54)
Post Midterm or Final Grades for Grade Book Users Web
Enter Midterm or Final Grades for Non-Grade Book users Web
Share Classes PDF

TeacherVUE / Home

Navigate TeacherVUE PDF Tips Video
TeacherVUE 2018 Home Screen Overview  Image Video (1:40)
View Announcements PDF Video (:44)
Select the Class Displayed PDF
Return to your Current Class PDF
Access StudentVUE PDF
Student Records PDF Tips Video
View Demographic, Family, and Emergency Contact Info PDF Video (1:31)
View Health Records PDF Video (1:09)
View an IEP PDF Video (1:01)
View Course History PDF
Seating Charts PDF Tips Video
Add Student to Seating Chart Video (2:09)
Edit/Copy the Seating Chart PDF Video (3:34)
Create a Grid Seating Chart PDF Video (3:34)
Create a Freeform Seating Chart PDF Video (4:35)
Create a Seating Chart Template Video (3:40)
Select a Seating Chart PDF
Enter/Display Student Nicknames PDF Video (1:37)
Attendance PDF Tips Video
Distance Learning Attendance – High School – 2020-2021 in progress
Distance Learning Attendance – Middle School – 2020-2021 Video (4:18)
Distance Learning Attendance – 2019-2020 Video (1:26)
Take Attendance by Chart View or List View PDF Video (2:31)
View a Student’s Period Attendance Records PDF
Student Notes PDF Tips Video
Using Notes PDF Video (1:33)
Communicate / Email PDF Tips Video
Student or Guardian email addresses for Zimbra Video (1:36)
Email via Home Menu – Students, Parents, Groups, Class, or All PDF Web Video (1:27)
View or Delete Email History Sent via Home Menu PDF
Email via Student Detail Menu – Student, Parent(s), or Both PDF Web
View or Delete Email History sent via Student Detail Menu PDF
Log Contact Regarding a Student PDF Video (2:46)
Test Results, Term Grades, and Work Samples PDF Tips Video
View Standardized Test Scores (Viewing Test Group Analysis) PDF Web Video (1:11)
View Term Grades PDF Video (2:07)
View the Grade Book Student Summary Video (1:18)
Enter Work Sample Scores PDF Web Video (2:39)
Reports PDF Tips Video
Print Class Reports PDF Video (3:43)
Print Individual Student Reports PDF
Birthday List in Date Order (STU401) Video (:42)
Options for Printing Class Lists Web
Manage Discipline (Feature is pending at this time.) PDF Tips Video
Create an Incident Referral PDF
View Previous Incident Referrals PDF
View a Student’s Discipline Record PDF
Substitute Information PDF Tips Video
Log in as a Substitute PDF Web Video (1:25)
Leave Instructions for Substitute Teachers PDF Web Video (1:48)

Help – Other

PDF Tips Video
Clear Browser Cache PDF video (2:22)
Zoom Meeting: Pre-assign breakout rooms using emails from Synergy – Excel video (6:15)
Zoom Meeting: Pre-assign breakout rooms using emails from Synergy – Numbers video (7:50)