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Elementary TeacherVUE: RC Preview from Standards

Report Card Preview From Standards summarizes the Grade Book information that will transfer to Report Card. If no marks appear on this screen, assignments have not been assigned to a Report Card Row Standard and will not transfer to Report Card. Read these documents for more information: 4J or Synergy. (Any reference to Report Card Preview  in the Synergy PDF means RC Preview from Standards – regardless of the screenshot.)

In the screenshot below, some report card lines are blank indicating no assignments using these Report Card Row Standards have been entered and marks will need to be manually entered. Work Habits Completes homework does have a mark. The score in the red box is calculated by Grade Book based on your Grade Book Setup settings. The Grade Book score is then interpreted to determine the final Report Card mark in the green box. Notice the drop-down arrow; you may overwrite the final Report Card mark.


Clicking the white line, in this example Work Habits Completes homework, a pop-up window appears listing all the assignments that use this Report Card Row Standard.