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Elementary TeacherVUE: Report Card Overview

The elementary report card informs parents, guardians, and the student of his or her behavioral and academic progress towards grade level standards.

Synergy Report Card is completed for the first semester (usually late January) and second semester (year-end). Eugene School District 4J has two report cards – the standard version and the ELD+Standard version. Either version may be printed in English or Spanish depending on the student’s language settings in Report Card > Students > View. For families who are Spanish-speaking, you may also use these Spanish comments to convey student progress. If you need to hand-write a report card, print a blank report card.

There are three main methods for entering report card marks.

  1. Grade Book – by entering assignments throughout the semester that have Report Card Standards attached to them, and then using the Transfer Marks function.
  2. Report Card – by entering final marks manually for each report card row.
  3. Grade Book and Report Card – where some marks assigned to Report Card Standards transfer to Report Card and other marks are entered manually.

If you are not reading each menu option under Report Card, be sure to read the Student Template Setup and Language Settings before jumping to a single topic.