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Elementary TeacherVUE: Grade Book Setup > Report Card Score Types

Report Card Score Types contains all the score types the district has used or is using for K-12 report cards. The 2015-2016 school year score type is Eug Performance Key 15-16. In order to correctly calculate the final mark on the report card when transferring Report Card Standards from Grade Book, each class in Grade Book Main > Grade Book Setup > Class Settings must be set up with Eug Performance Key 15-16 under “Overall Grade Type.” Most likely you are accessing this information in a future year than when this information was written, so be sure to use the score type with the current year date range.

Grade Book uses the aggregation method you set or the district’s default Power Law aggregation method to calculate a final mark for each report card line. Report Card Score Types changes the aggregated point value to one of the letter marks shown below.

N = 0.00-1.99 N+ = 2.00-2.49 M = 2.50-3.49 E = 3.50-4.00