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Elementary TeacherVUE: Manage Classes

Manage Classes is a powerful option in Grade Book. Here you can create a reading class that only lists the students who remain in your classroom during Tier II or Tier III. You can also share a class with another teacher and, if StudentVUE and/or TeacherVUE is activated, create online resources families can access from home.

Below is clarifying information to this PDF documentation. Be sure to read this PDF for information regarding these topics.

Warning: A Report Card Standard, the standards selected so marks will transfer to Report Card, may only be used in one class. If a standard is used in two or more classes, Report Card will only recognize the marks in the class that was last used.

New Class: Do some of your students leave your classroom to receive instruction in another location during reading? Do you want all math assignments to appear together without using the Grade Book Filter option? Creating a new class is your answer. pdf

Class Resources: Websites, documents, and other links for a class are added here. These resources are not saved from year to year. See Assignment Resources if you will annually repeat assignments and their resources. Resources are only available to others if StudentVUE or ParentVUE is activated.

Linked Classes: Linked Classes, breakout classes, and intervention classes are nearly synonymous. The only difference is Linked Classes automatically enrolls all students and you cannot edit this. However, it is a quick way to separate assignments for a specific subject area. Breakout classes and intervention classes are exactly the same; you choose whether you like the word Breakout or Intervention the best. Both end up listed under Linked Classes. However, unlike Linked Classes, both allow you to select the student(s) enrolled in the class.