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Elementary TeacherVUE: Grade Book Import

The Grade Book Import screen enables you to use a pre-formatted Excel document to import your assignments and scores to Grade Book. You may find that importing scores is a faster method than entering marks directly in Grade Book. You may import multiple assignments from one Excel document. Importing scores from Edmodo, ClassDojo, and other external sources is also possible. Warning: the only Score Type Grade Book Import uses is Raw Score. After importing, a few more steps must be completed in Grade Book. These steps vary depending on whether you are using Assignment View or Standards View.

Assignment View: By default, imported assignments are set to not show in ParentVUE or StudentVUE. This must be changed manually in Grade Book.

Standards View: No scores transfer to Report Card Row Standards. You can see the imported Assignment View marks and quickly enter them into the Standards View column in Grade Book. The green arrows will not transfer Assignment View marks to Standards View because Raw Score is not a supported Score Type in Standards View.

The Excel document downloaded from the Grade Book Import screen includes the student names and IDs and the columns required to perform the import. It also provides instructions on a separate tab for completing the process. Only the following data imports into Grade Book. If the import is not working for you, try a different web browser. Learn more here.

Columns included in the downloaded Excel document:

  • Student Permanent ID – column is prefilled by Synergy.
  • Student Name – column is prefilled by Synergy.
  • Assignment Name – a required field. It appears at the top of the Grade Book column.
  • Assignment Description – an optional field. Give more detail about the assignment.
  • Overall Score – a required field. It must be entered as a fraction.
  • Weight – leave at 100
  • Assignment Type – a required field. Select a type listed in the Excel “Instructions” tab.
  • Assignment Date – a required field. Enter the date of the assignment.
  • Report Card Rows – theoretically, this is the name of the Report Card Standard applied to the assignment. However, this option does not work.
  • Subject – a required field. Select a subject listed in the Excel “Instructions” tab.