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Elementary TeacherVUE: Grade Book Setup > Grade Book Comments

Grade Book Comments are notations placed in Grade Book that appear in place of or alongside of an assignment’s mark. Missing, excused, and late are examples of comments. Similar to other Grade Book Setup components, teachers can add their own comments. If you edit district-created comments, they are duplicated with your changes. The original comment remains untouched.


  1. +New: Begin creating a new grade book comment.
  2. Comment: The grade book comment label or description.
  3. Sequence: The order in which the comments appear on this screen and in Grade Book. Smallest values are listed at the top and negative numbers are acceptable.
  4. Not Scored Value: By default, Missing assignments are scored with a value of zero. Since Power Law does not use zero to negatively impact a student’s overall score, you may want to actually score the assignment using 0.10 value.
  5. Penalty %: This is the percentage deducted from a student’s score when this comment is used.
  6. Missing Mark: Should Grade Book treat the assignment as missing and include it in the count of missing assignments that appears on some reports?
  7. Comment Code: This is the short name that appears in the score field of the assignment.
  8. Remove When Scored: Once a numeric mark is entered in the score field, the comment code will automatically be removed if this field is set to yes.
  9. Hide My Types: Teacher-created comments can be hidden, or excluded from use, in particular Grade Book classes.