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Elementary TeacherVUE: Admin Reports

Below is a list of reports available via the Admin Reports menu and a brief summary of the information each report provides. Click on view to see a sample report. Each report may be printed as a PDF or exported as an Excel file. Depending on your access privileges you may see reports in addition to those listed below. Read these PDFs for more information: PDF 4J or PDF Synergy.


All reports can be filtered and columns reorganized. (1) Drag a blue heading to the dashed rectangle to sort data by that category. (2) Drag a blue column heading to a new location in the blue header to rearrange the order of information. (3) Type the information you want to see in a white rectangle – for example, a “Y” under Field Trips to only list students who have permission to attend field trips.

Communication Messages: lists all the emails you have sent to individuals and groups via Synergy Communication.  view

Class List (Elementary) with Student Usernames: lists student email usernames and lunch codes (passwords) along with permissions for movies, field trips, HIV/AIDS education, and more. view

This document can be used to create individual username and password documents. view instructions

State Assessment Tests: provides student scores on previous-year state tests. view

Student Demographics: includes programs the student is in such as Title I, SPED, TAG, ELL, etc.  view

Student Demographic Counts by Ethnicity and Race with Totals: lists total number of students that identify with a particular race or ethnicity. Individual students are not listed.  view

Student Demographic Counts by Program with Totals:lists total number of students in a particular program or service such as Title 1, ELL, SPED, etc. Individual students are not listed. view

Reading Work Samples: elementary students do no complete this work sample.