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eSIS – Student Information System

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Are you interested in Synergy? You can sign up electronically for training sessions! Please to go the 4J Workshops page to register!


The eSIS student information system is now available in the Train and Hist databases. Any changes that need to be made to student records (grade, graduation status, etc.) need to be made in Synergy when it is available for updates. You can access eSIS at this time but it should only be used to read data and print necessary documents.  Contact CIS if you have questions about this policy (sis@4j.lane.edu). Synergy data conversion will continue through the month of July with a plan of August 12th to go live.  There are training dates and times available for registration. Sign up early to make sure you are able to attend the classes you need in order to be ready when school starts! Please go to the Synergy web page for more information about user trainings and a FAQ.

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 Guidelines and Procedures Manual
 eForum Meeting Schedule
 Enrollment Forms
 New eSIS Account Application
 First Logon
Admitting Students Attendance Auto Dialer Credits / CRLE’s
Cross-Enrollments  Diplomas  Export Adhoc  Fees
Flags  Grading Homerooms  Incidents
Labels  Letters  Lockers  Mass Assignments
Navigating eSIS  No Showing Students Notes  Plans
Pre-Transition  Programs Report Cards  Reports
Scheduling  Staff Maintenance  Teams and Groups Teacher Assistant
Transcripts  Withdrawing Students  Work Samples  
 If you have forgotten your password or have technical issues, please notify esis@4j.lane.edu.