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Apple App Store Purchasing

iPads_in_cart_tall_redApp Store Volume Purchase Program

The App Store Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase iOS apps in volume and distribute the apps to their users. You can access the VPP App Store without having to log in to look for apps that come with a discount.

To properly license and deploy apps on to the iPod Touches and iPads, you must have a license for each device. Apple has instituted the VPP in order to facilitate this process. The VPP gives schools and developers what they need to make iPod Touches and iPads beneficial to all:

  • Proper licensing by schools and compensation for developers.
  • Up to 50% discounts when purchasing 20 or more licenses for the same app.
  • Ability to use purchase orders (PO’s) to buy apps….this removes the “gift card” or credit card issue.
  • Multiple distribution models are enabled (either one syncing machine or individual syncing stations).

The process for purchasing requires a “Program Manager”. The PM creates different accounts for people to be “Program Facilitators” (PFs), who will then be able to actually purchase, obtain and distribute the license codes to the devices and/or teachers. The apps can then be downloaded and synced to the number of iPod or iPad devices for which there was a license purchased. It is up to the PF and/or the teacher to track how many devices actually get the app loaded. The Program Manager will create a school Apple ID to be used by the Program Facilitator for purchasing from the VPP store and to use at a syncing station if that is the route the school chooses.

This is how the VPP process in schools at the end-user level will work:

  1. Teacher finds an app they want,
  2. Teacher asks the Program Facilitator (PF) to get them a download code
  3. PF then asks the schools purchasing agent to purchase a “voucher” using a Purchase Order. Vouchers are sold in increments of $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000
    1. Volume Voucher $100 – Part MC758LL/A
    2. Volume Voucher $500 – Part MC759LL/A
    3. Volume Voucher $1000 – Part MC760LL/A
    4. Volume Voucher $5000 – Part MC761LL/A
    5. Volume Voucher $10000 – Part MC762LL/A
  4. Purchase orders are faxed to Nicole Dyke – NEW Fax Number for PO’s (866)845-2999
  5. Apple processes the purchase order and sends, through snail mail, a scratch-off card called a “voucher”
  6. The voucher is given to the PF
  7. PF redeems the voucher here
  8. PF “purchases” the correct number of licenses/codes at that same site
  9. PF gets the download licenses/codes for the app equal to the number purchased
  10. PF gives those licenses/codes to the teacher for them to download and install the app

All 4J schools currently have an assigned PF account:

If your school is wanting to begin using your VPP account, please contact Misty Jackson (jackson_misty@4j.lane.edu).