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VPP & Apple ID FAQ

How do you use multiple Apple ID’s on one device?

In iTunes, on your computer, in the upper right hand corner you will see either an Apple ID or the words Sign In. If an Apple ID is showing you can click the down arrow, click Sign Out and then click Sign In. Click on Use Existing Account and type in the information for whichever Apple ID account you want. If you don’t have a second Apple ID set up, you can click Sign In and select Create New Account. It will then lead you through the process of setting up a new account. (If you want to set up an account where you do not have to enter a credit card, see next question). If you are on your iPad and want to switch accounts in the App Store, tap on the App Store icon, tap on Featured, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see something similar to the iTunes Store. In the left bottom corner you will either see Account with an Apple ID listed or you will see Sign In. If an account is showing, tap on it and a menu will pop up where you can sign out of the ID. You can then tap Sign In and sign in with a second Apple ID. When you sync your iPad, everything will “back up” regardless of which account you purchased from. If you receive an app license bought by the district or school it must be redeemed under the Apple ID that was created for you not your personal Apple ID.

How do you create an Apple ID without using a credit card?

Launch iTunes, select iTunes Store, and then sign out of your iTunes account. Select App Store in iTunes, find any free app, and click on the word Free to “buy” it. In the window that appears click Create New Account. Click Continue in the welcome screen, and on the succeeding page agree to the terms and conditions and click Continue. You will then be asked to provide an email address you haven’t used before for an Apple ID, along with a password, a security question, and a date of birth. Click Continue again. In the resulting Provide A Payment Method screen choose None in the Payment Method area. Enter your address information below and click Continue. You will then be asked to enter an email address from which you can verify the account. Verify the account with the email message that arrives shortly and the account will be good to go. Should you wish to purchase a paid app at a later time, you can enter a credit card to the account or redeem a gift card.

Why use the VPP (Volume Purchasing Program) to buy apps for iPod Touches and iPads?

Every app installed on a device must have it’s own license code. You cannot purchase multiple licenses through a regular iTunes account. If you purchase (1) license through iTunes and install it on multiple devices, you are out of compliance. We are only talking about education….what can be done on personally owned devices is different.

How do I purchase Apps for Title owned devices?

Every Title Coordinator and participating teacher in the Title iPod Touch Project was asked to create a pf_title account in iTunes. We also asked them to create a separate Student iPod Touch user account on their computer in order to keep a very clean distinction between personal and student libraries. At the time of creation the pf_title account did not have money attached to it. Each Title Coordinator and participating teacher were given several redemption codes for Apps that were purchased for them. These Apps were purchased through the District Title VPP program, managed by Monica Thompson, the VPP Program Facilitator, with money set aside for that specific purpose. These App licenses are kept on a spreadsheet, indicating which bank of licenses was given to each school. When redeeming a district Title purchased App via the code, coordinators and teachers were asked to make sure they were logged in to their pf_title Apple ID via the Student iPod Touch User. This ensures that the school district maintains ownership of the App licenses.

Can my school purchase Apps for their Title equipment with school Title funds?

Most schools have a VPP account set up, usually tracked by the TSS in the building who serves as Program Facilitator. It works the same way…..the school decides how much money (vouchers) they want to invest in Apps. What accounts that voucher is charged to is up to each school (via PO to Apple) . For example, you could use $100 from general funds and $100 from Title money. When someone at the school wants to purchase an App they let the School Program Facilitator know and that person purchases the App licenses according to whatever procedure the school has decided (ex. Program Facilitator must check with principal before purchasing, or must send notice to all teachers in their school, etc.). On the spreadsheet that is generated through the VPP purchase, the Program Facilitator will need to keep track of who is assigned which license as well as keep track of how much is spent by each group. For instance, if Title puts in $100 the Program Facilitator will need to know this and keep track of the cost of the Apps purchased by Title.Once a school has purchased licenses through their school VPP program the licenses can be redeemed under the pf_title account that the coordinators and teachers created.

I have iPod Touches and/or an iPad that was purchased with school funds (not Title). How do I get Apps for my devices?

For devices being used by teachers not participating in the Title technology trainings, Apple ID’s and distribution will need to be decided by the school/Program Facilitator.