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TSS Staff

All 4J schools have Technical Support Specialists (TSS) housed and located in their building at different times throughout the week. There are more than 32 schools in 4J and there are several TSS’s who are housed at at more than one school.

The TSS staff list is sorted by school name, but you can also search in the box below to narrow your results.

Building or SchoolTSSRegionType
AllJames GrubicAll RegionsSupervisor
All (Phone Support)Mary HochbergAll RegionsHelp Desk
AdamsErik OlinChurchillElementary
ATAErik OlinChurchillMiddle
Awbrey ParkApril RisleyNorthElementary
Buena VistaAbe RinconSheldonElementary
Cal YoungGeoff HendersonSheldonMiddle
Camas RidgeBrian HartmanSouthElementary
Charlemagne/ParkerErica BowmanSouthElementary
ChavezErik OlinChurchillElementary
Churchill HSJake ReentsChurchillHigh
Corridor & YGTom MaddoxNorthElementary
Early College and Career Options (ECCO)Jyllian MartiniSouthHigh
EdgewoodErica BowmanSouthElementary
EdisonBrian HartmanSouthElementary
English Language Development (ELD)Abe RinconDistrictDistrict Support
Family SchoolJyllian MartiniChurchillElementary
GilhamAbe RinconSheldonElementary
HoltJames MurraySheldonElementary
HowardPeggy VegaNorthElementary
KellyJyllian MartiniNorthMiddle
KennedyJake ReentsChurchillMiddle
MadisonGeoff HendersonNorthMiddle
McCornackJake ReentsChurchillElementary
MonroeRose WinandSheldonMiddle
North Eugene HSTom MaddoxNorthHigh
River RoadPeggy VegaNorthElementary
RooseveltErica BowmanSouthMiddle
Sheldon HSJames MurraySheldonHigh
South Eugene HSRose WinandSouthHigh
Special Services Department (SSD)Scott HutchinsonDistrictDistrict Support
Spencer ButteBrian HartmanSouthMiddle
Spring CreekApril RisleyNorthElementary
Title IApril RisleyAll Regions
Twin OaksJyllian MartiniChurchillElementary
WillagillespieAbe RInconSheldonElementary