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School Calendar Revised to Make Up Snow Days

Calendar changes restore 4 school days, extend winter trimester, end classes June 18

Eugene School District 4J schools were closed for four days in February due to heavy snow. The district is restoring school days and extending the winter trimester to make up the lost instruction time.

The school calendar has been revised to restore four school days—one in March, and three at the end of the school year in June.

To balance learning time in each trimester, the current trimester is extended by one week, moving the grading day for middle and high schools.

The new final day for students will be Tuesday, June 18, if there are no additional school closures this year. Wednesday, June 19 will be the final grading day for teachers. High school graduation dates remain the same.

The school board unanimously approved the calendar revisions on Wednesday, March 6.


Hazardous weather makeup days:

  • Friday, March 15 (originally scheduled as a no-school day for professional development and planning)
  • Friday, June 14
  • Monday, June 17
  • Tuesday, June 18

Other calendar changes: 

  • Middle & high school grading day: Moved from Thursday, March 14 (now a regular school day) to Friday, March 22 (now a no-school day)
  • Monday, April 1: Third trimester begins for middle and high schools (originally March 18)
  • Wednesday, June 19: Grading day for teachers


School Calendar Information

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Classified Benefits & Wellness Newsletter March 2019 Issue #5

Published by:

Arthur Hart, Classified Benefits Coordinator

Phone: 541-790-7679 e-mail: hart_a@4j.lane.edu


Self-Care: Tools to Build Resilience

The 4J Joint Benefits Committee, in partnership with Cascade Health, is offering a free Self-Care: Tools to Build Resilience wellness class to 4J employees. The class will take place:
     Tuesday, March 12, 2019
     5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
     Education Center Auditorium

Do you know that making yourself a priority is not selfish but actually a requirement for healthy living? Building a strong foundation of self-care will help you handle whatever life throws your way. Come to this workshop to:
• Learn what self-care is and what self-care is not
• Discover the benefits of a commitment to self-care and the consequences of not making this a priority
• Create a personalized self-care plan that you can implement immediately

To sign up, please respond by Friday, March 8th to Arthur Hart: hart_a@4j.lane.edu or 541-790-7679


Are You Ready To Retire?

Retirement is one of the biggest life events you’ll experience, and getting it right takes planning. There are many components for a successful retirement. PERS, Social Security, personal savings, health insurance, Medicare, and taxes are some of the things you will want to consider as you plan for the future.

Consulting a professional financial advisor specializing in retirement can make decisions easier for you at the time of retirement, and help you avoid costly mistakes. However, there is also plenty of good information on the internet for the plucky do-it-yourself type. However you chose to proceed with retirement, it’s never too early to start preparing.

If you are looking to retire within the next year please contact me regarding the 4J Classified Staff retirement process and benefits. I will be glad to set up an informational meeting with you.

Arthur Hart: hart_a@4j.lane.edu or 541-790-7679

4J does not give PERS advice. To get advice regarding your PERS retirement, you can visit the PERS website at www.oregon.gov/PERS/ or call them at 1-888-320-7377


The New E-Newsletter

The Classified Benefits & Wellness Newsletter has moved away from the mass paper copy distribution, and instead will be distributing just a few paper copies for each of the worksite break areas. The Newsletter will be primarily distributed digitally to all Classified Staff Zimbra email, and published on the 4J website.

For those who are having difficulty accessing your district email you can receive email assistance from the Technology Help Desk at 541-790-7777. Also, online email help at http://www.4j.lane.edu/technology/zimbra/ is available.

Don’t have a computer at home? Talk to your supervisor about using a district computer to check your email. The district email can also be accessed from most smart phones and tablets.

Are you already reading this publication electronically? Try clicking the Blue Words, and see where they will take you.


Community Wellness Spotlight

There are many wellness programs available, but often success is more about our community than it is about a program. Taking a group walk at break, sharing healthy lunches, or even just checking in with each other can all be important parts to developing a healthier work community. I want to hear what your work site is doing to promote healthier lifestyles. Send me an email. -Art

In Transportation The Journeyers are traveling together down the road of healthier living. Started this January, the group of about 20 participants has already walked away from a combined 47.7 pounds.

The Journeyers acknowledge that driving school buses for 7 to 8 hours a day is hard on the body and the sedentary nature of the work is not good on the waistline, back, or bottom. To combat this, they have developed buy-ins and incentives to help each member achieve personal goals. A team commitment to exercise has helped overcome the dreary Oregon winter, to get people out and walking. Soon, with the opening of a nearby gym, many members hope to be not just driving steel, but pumping iron together.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”.
– Aristotle

New 4J Wellness Clinic FNP

Starting January 18th Jennifer L. Young FNP-C joined the Cascade team at our 4J Wellness Clinic. She has thirty-five years of experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner, fifteen of those in Emergency Department settings, and the past five years working in Primary Care with Lane County Public Health. She has worked with medical missions in Guatemala, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and last fall was able to participate in a refugee project in Southern Italy.

Relocated to Oregon ten years ago from Southern California, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and loves Oregon’s beautiful coast and rivers.

Jennifer has just completed her first month in the 4J Clinic and has appreciated the warm welcome. She looks forward to meeting many of you and working together to meet your healthcare goals.


Are Your Vaccines Up To Date?

Each year, tens of thousands of Americans die of diseases that could have been prevented by vaccines—and most of those fatalities occur in the very young and in older adults. The immune system weakens as we age, making recovery from illness difficult, which is why vaccines are so important for older adults. Flu and pneumonia vaccinations are especially vital because those infections are leading causes of death among older Americans.

The vaccination recommendations below are from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and they apply to healthy older adults. If you have one or more chronic conditions or an illness, your doctor may recommend a different vaccination schedule tailored to your health needs. Your doctor will also factor in your age, lifestyle, job, and travel itinerary; past vaccinations; and childhood disease history.

Vaccinations, who should get them and how often:
• Influenza (flu) -Everyone ages 6 months and older; once a year at the start of the flu season (early fall, winter).
• Pneumonia (pneumococcal polysaccharide) -Two types of pneumococcal vaccine are available. Everyone ages 65 and older should get both one dose of PCV13 and at least one dose of PCV23. Adults 19-64 should receive the vaccine depending on their health.
• Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (Td/Tdap) -If you were never vaccinated against these diseases, get one dose of Tdap. All adults ages 19 and older should receive a Td booster every 10 years. Women should get one dose during every pregnancy.
• Herpes zoster (shingles) -Two types of zoster vaccine are available. You should get two doses of recombinant zoster vaccine (RZV) at age 50 or older (preferred) or one dose of zoster vaccine live (ZVL) at age 60 or older, even if you had shingles before. People with a weakened immune system should not get ZVL.
• Varicella (chickenpox) -Anyone who has never had chickenpox; two doses during your lifetime.
• Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) -For adults born in 1957 or later who have not had these childhood diseases; one to two doses per lifetime. People born before 1957 are likely to have immunity from the measles.
• Hepatitis A -Anyone at risk if they’ve never been vaccinated, such as travelers to regions where hepatitis A is common; two doses per lifetime.
• Hepatitis B -Anyone at risk if they’ve never been vaccinated, such as travelers to high-risk areas, adults with multiple sex partners, partners of infected people, healthcare workers; three doses per lifetime. A combination hep A and B vaccine is available.
• Meningococcal -For some overseas travelers and certain other at-risk groups. Two types of meningococcal are available; you may need one or both depending on your health; one or more doses per lifetime.
• Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) -Anyone with certain medical conditions, including persons who don’t have a spleen, have sickle cell disease or HIV, or have had a bone marrow transplant.

Moda Vaccine Coverage
• Vaccines can be obtained at select network pharmacies through your Moda Health pharmacy benefit. There is no copay to receive covered vaccines through an in-network pharmacy.

Kaiser Vaccine Coverage
• Vaccines can be obtained at the Kaiser medical office on 13th on a walk-in basis. For those who have a primary care doctor at Peace Health, you can get your vaccines at Peace Health as well. There is no copay to receive covered vaccines through the Kaiser or PCP Peace Health clinics.

Vaccinations are not recommended for everyone.
Because of age, health conditions, or other factors, some people should not get certain vaccines or should wait before getting them. Please discuss any concerns with your primary care physician.

“Imagine the action of a vaccine not just in terms of how it affects a single body, but also in terms of how it affects the collective body of a community.”
— Eula Biss

This newsletter is reviewed and edited each month by the District 4J and OSEA representatives of the Classified Joint Benefits Committee (JBC).The information in this newsletter is summarized, and is not intended as advice or counsel.

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2019 ACE Awards: Nominate A Champion in Education

Nominations for school district employees and volunteers accepted through March 31

Who is your champion in education? Eugene School District 4J has exceptional staff and volunteers who make a difference for students every day. Nominating a valued educator, leader, co-worker, or volunteer for the ACE Awards (A Champion in Education) is a wonderful way to honor the incredible talent and dedication of our amazing teachers, classified staff, administrators and volunteers.

One nominee in each category will be named the ACE Award champion and receive a $250 grant for a school or program of their choosing from Eugene Education Foundation. Every nominee will be recognized as an exceptional educator at the awards ceremony!

Submit your nomination(s) for the annual ACE Awards by Sunday, March 31. Nominations are accepted in four categories (teachers and licensed specialists, administrators and supervisors, classified staff, volunteers) and a special lifetime achievement award.

–> Submit a Nomination
ACE Awards Nomination Criteria
2018 Nominees & Champions
2017 Nominees & Champions
2016 Nominees & Champions

ACE Awards Celebration
All nominees will be celebrated and champions will be announced at a reception and awards ceremony in May at North Eugene High School. The event is free and open to the public.

Note: In previous years a joint awards event was held to celebrate educators from Springfield, Bethel and 4J. The last multi-district event was in 2017, but the district has continued the ACE Awards as a 4J program to honor our district’s exceptional professionals and volunteers.

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Non-Residents Apply Now for Interdistrict Transfers

Live outside of 4J? Interdistrict transfer applications accepted March 1–31 

Apply now

Eugene School District 4J welcomes families who live outside of the district boundary to apply to enroll in 4J schools. Interdistrict transfer applications are due Sunday, March 31, at midnight.

The Eugene School District has a long history of school choice. Students in the district may request to attend a school other than their neighborhood school, provided there is space available. Families who live outside of the district also may request a transfer to 4J.

Families will be asked to indicate which 4J schools they prefer. Lotteries are held each spring to determine the order in which requests are granted. Transfers will be accepted where space is available to meet the student’s needs.

Several 4J schools are open to requests from out-of-district students. Students seeking a transfer to 4J may request to enroll at the following schools:

Other schools and grades are not open to requests from out-of-district residents because they are expected to have more 4J residents who wish to attend than can be accommodated. Enrollment in certain programs, including the ECCO alternative high school program and certain special education programs, is by referral only and is not open to school choice requests from either district residents or non-residents.

Who Needs to Apply

All students who live outside of Eugene School District 4J and do not have an existing multiyear open enrollment transfer to their current school must apply for a transfer to attend a 4J school. This includes:

• Students who have been attending a 4J school as a district resident and have moved out of the district this year

• Students who are currently attending a 4J school on a one-year interdistrict transfer obtained for this year

• Students who are currently attending a 4J school on an existing multiyear open enrollment transfer, and are changing school levels (e.g. middle to high school) or want to change schools (the exception is students continuing a K–12 language immersion program)

• Students newly enrolling in 4J schools, including siblings of current students

Change in District Transfer Process

There are changes in state laws on transfers between districts beginning this year. Families still may apply to transfer from one school district to another, but the process has changed. For a few years, the Oregon Legislature created an “open enrollment” transfer option that let students transfer between districts without the consent of the student’s resident district. This provision has now expired and is no longer available.

Pending board approval, 4J plans to continue enrolling out-of-district students under the “interdistrict transfer” process, which requires that the student’s home district consent to the transfer for any new students seeking to enroll.

Learn More & Apply Today

Application period
Friday, March 1–Sunday, March 31

Application system 

More information
4J School Choice
Out-of-District Transfers

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Weather: Most Schools Open, Buses on Snow Routes (Friday, March 1, 2019)

Family School, Chinese Immersion, ECCO and Fox Hollow are closed today

Most Eugene School District schools are back in session on their regular schedules, but school buses will use snow routes today (Fri., March 1). Please travel with caution, and please be patient with buses that are also traveling cautiously.

Some school bus routes in higher elevations and hilly areas have special routes they use in hazardous weather. Snow route information is available online and was sent home this fall to families whose students ride those particular buses. Most school bus routes have no need for snow routes, and operate normally, even during winter weather.

Three school sites are closed due to particular circumstances.

ECCO will have no school Friday, because all LCC campuses are closed.

Fox Hollow Campus will have no school Friday, because the approach to the school remains unnavigable for school buses.

Family School and Chinese Immersion at the Crest Drive building will have no school Friday due to a prolonged power outage. If power is not restored by Monday, Family School will temporarily relocate to Kennedy Middle School and Chinese Immersion will temporarily relocate to Arts & Technology Academy.

On any day when inclement weather is a concern and school is in session, families and staff are encouraged to consider road conditions in their areas and make their own decisions based on safety. Parents’ individual decisions about school attendance will be honored. Staff members have various leave provisions they can use when they believe they are unable to get to work safely.

Snow route information
More information for parents
More information for staff

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Weather Update: Schools Closed, Only Emergency Staff Report (Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019)

Eugene School District 4J schools are closed again on Thursday, Feb. 28. Only emergency staff report.

The district announced on Wednesday evening that there would be at least a 2-hour delay, and any other change after reassessing morning conditions would be determined and announced before 8 a.m. A hard freeze worsened hazardous conditions overnight. The final determination was to close schools for safety.

School afternoon and evening activities may take place on Thursday, although some individual events have been canceled or postponed. All facility use by non-4J users (such as community athletic programs) is canceled.


More information for parents
More information for staff

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Weather: Schools Closed, Emergency Staff Only (Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019)

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 — Eugene School District 4J schools are CLOSED on Wednesday due to continued hazardous weather, road conditions and power outages.

Only designated emergency staff are expected to report to work.

Afternoon and evening activities are canceled.


More information for parents
More information for staff

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Weather: Schools Closed, Evening Activities Canceled (Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019)

Due to continued hazardous road conditions, all 4J schools are closed for student safety on Tuesday, February 26. Only designated emergency staff will report to work.

Afternoon and evening activities have been canceled.

More information for parents
More information for staff

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Weather: Schools Closed, Emergency Staff Only (Monday, Feb. 25, 2019)

Monday, February 25, 2019 — Eugene School District 4J schools are CLOSED today due to hazardous weather conditions.

UPDATE: Weather conditions are continuing to worsen. Only designated emergency staff are expected to report to work.

More information for parents
More information for staff

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School Funding Renewal Headed for May Election Ballot

Local option levy funds ≈ 161 teachers or 26½ school days each year • Community forum March 6

Eugene School District 4J voters will be asked this spring whether to renew a local school funding measure that pays for the equivalent of about 161 teachers or 26½ school days each year. Renewal would maintain funding for school operations and would not raise the tax rate.

Come to a community forum on March 6 to ask questions, provide input and discuss the levy with board members, the superintendent and other 4J staff.

Local Option Levy Community Forum
Wednesday, March 6, 5:30–6:30 p.m.
4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe St., Eugene

The Eugene School District local option levy is a property tax that provides money for 4J school operations, such as teachers, programs, utilities and other daily operating costs. The levy currently provides about $17 million per year, equivalent to about 161 teaching positions or 26½ school days. All levy proceeds stay in the Eugene School District and fund 4J public school operations.

The 4J local option levy has been approved by voters four times, beginning in 2000. The current levy will expire in 2020 if it is not renewed by voters. The Eugene School Board has voted to refer a five-year renewal of the local option levy to the May 2019 election ballot.

If voters approve the levy renewal on May 21, it would continue the local option levy at the same tax rate for another five years, through June 2025. Renewal of the levy would provide funds to maintain school days, school programs, class sizes and other school service levels.

Without this levy, the school district would need to reduce general fund operating costs and services by about 9 percent beginning with the 2020–21 school year.

Under Oregon law, a local option levy is the only way voters in a school district can provide local property tax funding for teachers, class sizes, school programs and other school operation costs. By contrast, capital bond funds, such as the bond measure approved by 4J voters in 2018, can only be spent on buildings, buses, books and other capital investments.

Voters who live in Eugene School District 4J and are registered to vote by April 30 will be eligible to vote on the levy renewal measure.



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