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School Bus Route Changes

Buses have new stops and times this fall

Does your student ride the bus to school? Please check your bus route for any changes before school begins.

School bus routes, stops and schedules are adjusted every year. This fall, many bus routes will change as school schedules are aligned to provide enough and equal learning time for all 4J students.

Many students will have different bus pickup and dropoff times. Some students will have new bus stop locations. All new bus stops have been established with safety in mind, such as adequate lighting and sidewalk access.

To find your bus stop and schedule, go to www.4j.lane.edu/transportation and click on “Find My Bus Stop.” Enter your address and student’s grade to find the closest stop, time, and route number. If you have questions, please call the 4J Transportation Department at 541-790-7474 and select option 4.

Thank you for your understanding regarding any changes in your bus schedule. These are important changes to get all students to school on time every day to receive enough learning time.  

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Classified Benefits & Wellness Newsletter June 2018 Issue #8

OEBB Mandatory Open Enrollment Fall 2018

OEBB will end all current medical, vision, and dental plans effective September 30, 2018.  Therefore, members who wish to have medical, vision, and dental coverage for the October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019, plan year will be required to log into the MyOEBB system during open enrollment in order to register for that coverage.  The mandatory OEBB open enrollment period will begin August 15, 2018, and will remain open through September 15, 2018.

You will receive updated and detailed information as it is available – watch for updates in this newsletter, on the 4J website, in your e-mail inbox, and via US Mail over the summer.  As always, OEBB will send information about plan designs and offerings, but rate information and other details specific to 4J employees will come from 4J.

2018-19 Medical Plans

Kaiser Medical Plan new this year:  In an effort to offer more access to care and affordable coverage options at a time when healthcare costs are rising, the Classified Joint Benefits Committee (JBC) has opted to add Kaiser Permanente Plan 2 for the plan year set to begin October 1, 2018.  Be assured that we will offer plenty of opportunities to learn how this plan choice can reduce your deductible, save you money, and provide evidence-based care in a care delivery model that is centered on improving your health.

In addition to the Kaiser Permanente plan choice, 4J classified employees and retirees will continue to have two (2) Moda medical plans to choose from:  the Cedar plan ($1,200 deductible) and the Dogwood plan ($1,600 deductible).

Members must still opt for either the OEBB Moda Connexus PPO Network or the Synergy CCM Network.  The Synergy Network plans operate under a coordinated care model (CCM) and the Connexus Network plans are preferred provider organization (PPO).  Members who enroll in a Synergy CCM Network plan agree to participate in a system of care where you choose one primary care physician (PCP) or medical home and work with a closed network of professionals that coordinate all your care.  Members who enroll in a Connexus PPO Network plan
have a broader range of providers, may see any in-network provider at any time, and typically pay more.Please watch for additional plan details and differences, which will be included in the information coming from OEBB prior to open enrollment.  A wealth of information is also available on the OEBB website: http://www.oregon.gov/oha/oebb/Pages/Plan-Docs.aspx

2018-19 Vision Plan

Benefits eligible employees will continue to have vision coverage through VSP Choice Plus vision plan featuring vision exams, frames, and lenses available every 12 months. Vison plan enhancements for 2018-2019 are enhanced coverage of standard progressive lenses and higher allowance for select brand frames (not applicable at Costco or Walmart)
Don’t need prescription glasses?  The VSP plan offers the Suncare benefit.  With a $20.00 copay, members can receive a $300 allowance for ready-made non-prescription sunglasses instead of prescription glasses or contacts

2018-19 Dental Plans

Dental plan choices remain the same for the plan year that begins October 1, 2018:  Delta Dental Premier Plan 5, Delta Dental Premier Plan 6, and the Willamette Dental Plan.

Delta Dental Premier Plan 5 has an annual maximum of $1700; an incentive plan design (70% – 100%) for preventive, basic restorative and periodontal services; and includes orthodontia.  Members enrolling in Delta Dental Premier Plan 5 for the first time will start at the 70% incentive level, regardless of prior dental coverage.

Delta Dental Premier Plan 6 has an annual maximum of $1200, does not have an incentive plan design, and does not include orthodontia.  Both Delta Dental plans use the Delta Dental Premier network of providers.

Plan design changes for both Delta Dental Plans are composite restorations on posterior teeth will now be covered based on the total allowable amount for the composite restorations, and night guards that are covered at 50% after deductible will have an increased max from $150 to $250.

Effective October 1, 2018, the Willamette Dental Group orthodontia copayment will increase to $2500. The copayment for crowns and bridges will be $250, for root canals $50, and for dentures $100.  The office visit copayment will remain at $20.

Optional Employee Life

This is a great year to elect optional employee life if you haven’t in the past or if you are increasing your current level of coverage.  The Standard is offering a $200,000 Guarantee Issuance.   This means no medical evidence is required for employee coverage $200,000 or below.

Additional Benefits

4J employees and retirees will continue to have the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) and 4J Wellness Clinic as part of the benefits package.  Active classified employees will also have Long Term Disability insurance, basic life insurance ($50,000), and basic accidental death and dismemberment ($50,000) coverage as part of the total benefit package.

All benefits-eligible active employees will be enrolled in these additional benefits.  All retirees who opt to enroll in medical coverage will have access to the EAP and the Wellness Clinic.

Professional Education Program (PEP)
2018-2018 Annual Report

Our collective bargaining agreement between OSEA Chapter 1 and Eugene School District 4J provides $15,000 each fiscal year for employee-initiated professional development for members.  The program includes job-related training activities, tuition reimbursement, registration or materials costs, and conferences and workshops.  Reimbursements for the 2017-18 year totaled $11,127.00.

Classified Sick Leave Bank – 2018-19 Annual Report

For the fiscal year July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, the Classified Sick Leave Bank assisted 16 members of the bank for a total of 2,902 hours of Sick Leave Bank time.  These were employees who encountered long-term serious personal illness or injury, and who had exhausted all their own accumulated leaves.

4J Wellness Clinic Open All Summer

The 4J Wellness Clinic continues regular hours through the summer to meet the health care needs of you and your eligible family members.  This is a great time to get those yearly physicals taken care of.  Regular hours are Monday – Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The clinic is closed for lunch from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. You can schedule an appointment by calling 541-686-1427.

Myths about Travel Health

Myth:  Drinking alcohol with meals helps prevent traveler’s diarrhea.

Fact:  Don’t count on it.  Several lab studies have found that wine can reduce levels of bacteria that cause food-borne illnesses (including Salmonella, Shigella, E.coli, and Bacillus cereus), possibly related to the organic acids in wine in synergy with the alcohol.  But none of the lab studies prove that drinking alcohol is a good strategy for avoiding traveler’s diarrhea-and you won’t find it recommended on any of the travel pages of the CDC’s website.

Myth:  You can’t get rabies from a street dog if it just licks you.

Fact:  Actually you could.  Many people think the only way to get rabies is to be bitten by an infected dog.  Though rabies is usually transmitted by such a bite (through the dog’s saliva), it’s possible, though rare, to be infected through licks from the animal if your skin has an open wound or abrasions.  And it’s not just dogs that can spread rabies, but also other infected animals, such as raccoons, foxes, and bats.  In fact, if you awaken to find a bat in your room, short of having the bat tested for rabies (an unlikely scenario), you should seek medical attention to discuss if you should get the rabies vaccine, since the bat bite can be hard to see and is easily overlooked.

Myth:  You have to worry about mosquito-transmitted diseases only if you’re visiting jungles, not urban areas.

Fact:  Not true.  For example, the virus that causes yellow fever can be present in both urban and jungle environments. (How it is transmitted varies, though: In the jungle, mosquitoes spread the disease to humans after biting infected monkeys, while in urban areas, mosquitoes spread it after biting infected people.)  As another example, the mosquito-transmitted Japanese encephalitis virus, which causes a serious infection in the brain, can occur in rural environments with watery rice paddies (where mosquitoes multiply) but also around urban areas, where people may be in contact with pigs or wild birds that are hosts for the mosquitoes.

Then there’s malaria, which is prevalent, to a greater or lesser extent, in all types of areas-jungle, rural, and urban.  In countries where malaria is endemic, the only places where you are at no risk are where there are no mosquitoes, such as at very high altitudes and in the desert, or during colder seasons in some areas.

This newsletter is reviewed and edited each month by the District 4J and OSEA representatives of the Classified Joint Benefits Committee (JBC).The information in this newsletter is summarized, and is not intended as advice or counsel.

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School Offices Open This Week

Need to contact your school? Now is the time! School offices reopen or resume regular hours this week.

High Schools:
Wednesday, August 15—Regular hours resume

Middle Schools:
Wednesday, August 15—Offices open with regular hours

Elementary Schools:
August 16 and 17—Open with limited hours (contact your school for open hours)
Monday, August 20—Open regular hours
Tuesday, August 21—Closed for staff training
Wednesday, August 22 and beyond—Offices reopen with regular hours


Most central offices are open year-round. High school offices are open on a limited schedule during the summer. Elementary and middle schools close for part of the summer and reopen in August, well before the start of school. Health centers are open with reduced hours for much of summer.


Contact information for schools and district offices

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New World Language Curriculum On Its Way

Board adopts new learning materials for Spanish, Japanese, American Sign Language courses

Starting this fall, middle and high school students in Eugene School District 4J will benefit from new, districtwide world language curriculum for Spanish, Japanese and American Sign Language courses.

For French studies and for language immersion programs, new curriculum will be adopted in the 2018–19 school year and implemented in schools the following year.

Currently, middle and high schools use a variety of world language curricula, some of which rely on outdated technology and are not aligned with national or state standards for world language learning in the 21st century. This is the district’s first formal world language curriculum adoption in recent memory, made possible with bond funds approved by voters in 2013. The last informal adoption occurred in 2001.

The new world language curricula emphasize cultural competency, collaborative learning, and analytical and evaluative skills, in addition to teaching comprehensive communication proficiency, which is consistent with national and state standards. A districtwide curriculum will provide better alignment and consistency among schools and as students move from middle to high school.

Adoption Process

The district undertook an extensive and inclusive process to select the new world language materials.

Teams of teachers, specialists, technology experts and other district staff reviewed and analyzed the new curriculum options. Each world language program had its own review team: middle and high school Spanish, French, Japanese and American Sign Language programs.

Teachers piloted the curriculum options with their students, and both provided feedback. Parents, students, educators and community members were invited to learn about the curriculum options and give feedback at an open house in March 2018.

After the extensive review process, the world language adoption teams recommended and the school board approved the new curriculum in June 2018.

Curriculum Selected

  • Spanish I–III: EntreCulturas by Wayside Publishing
  • Spanish IV: Tejidos by Wayside Publishing
  • Japanese I–IV: Adventures in Japanese by Cheng & Tsui
  • American Sign Language I–IV: Bravo ASL! by Sign Enhancers, Inc.

Next Steps

Curriculum adoption for French studies was put on hold for a year so that staff could review a new product available this fall. New curriculum for language immersion programs (Spanish, French, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese) will be reviewed and adopted in the 2018–19 school year and implemented in schools the following year.

For more information, see the presentation and other information about the adoption process and recommendations presented to the school board on October 4, 2017, and  June 6 and June 20, 2018. Oregon Department of Education’s Second Language Standards (adopted in 2010) can be found here.

Related articles:
World Language Curriculum Upgrades Underway (October 25, 2017)
New World Language Curriculum Open House (March 6, 2018)

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Summer Construction Projects Are Underway

Summer facility improvement projects make the most of empty schools and good weather

School’s out for summer, and construction crews are hard at work across the district making improvements to school facilities while students are out of school.

In addition to the annual summer work of deep cleaning, grounds keeping and maintenance projects, the 4J facilities team is tackling 70 school improvement projects from painting, parking lot restriping and HVAC repairs to replacing bleachers, building a garden shed and installing a new playground slide.

Schools, fields and other facilities will receive some TLC this summer, including:

  • Sidewalk and crossing upgrades — Awbrey Park, Howard and Gilham elementary schools, Kelly Middle School and other sites
  • Exterior painting — Adams and Awbrey Park elementary schools and other sites
  • Parking lot/drop-off area striping — multiple sites
  • Exterior lighting replacement — Chávez Elementary School and Cal Young Middle School
  • Flooring repairs and replacement — Gilham Elementary School, Spencer Butte and Monroe middle schools, and Sheldon High School
  • Bike hoops/skateboard racks — multiple sites
  • Cafeteria table replacement — multiple sites
  • Garden shed construction — River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School
  • Softball field drainage — Churchill High School
  • Locker room remodel — South Eugene High School
  • Bleacher replacement — South Eugene and Sheldon High Schools
  • Training room remodel — Churchill and Sheldon high schools
  • Slide installation — Twin Oaks Elementary School
  • Gym lighting upgrades — Churchill and South Eugene high schools

Many of these improvements are possible thanks to the bond measures approved by voters in 2011 and 2013. Thank you, voters, for investing in our community’s future.

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You’re Invited! Final Bond Forum and Survey

Board seeks public input before final decisions 

Forum  |  Survey

Eugene School District 4J’s school board is considering referring a bond measure to voters on the November 2018 ballot to replace and improve aging school buildings and learning materials.

Community members are invited to a final bond community forum on August 1 to discuss the potential bond measure and share their views with school board members and district staff, before the board takes action on August 15. An online input form also will be available for community members to provide comments August 1–7.

Bond Community Forum
Wednesday, August 1, 5:30–6:30 p.m.
4J Education Center
200 N. Monroe St., Eugene

Online Input Form 
August 1–7

The potential bond measure has been planned for several years and examined in-depth for 18 months in a thorough, thoughtful, community-engaged process, including a series of community forums and surveys.

More than $1 Billion in capital needs have been identified in the district, including facility repairs and improvements, capacity to address overcrowding, security and safety, technology, and more. Community input has helped inform the potential project list for a bond measure that would address some, but not all, of the identified capital needs.

Capital improvements under consideration for the potential bond measure include:

Replace three aging schools—new buildings for North Eugene High School, Edison Elementary School, Camas Ridge Elementary School
Address overcrowding and projected growth in the Sheldon region with a new elementary school or other means to increase capacity
Renovate facilities for program relocations, including Yujin Gakuen, Corridor, ECCO, the NATIVES program, and Chinese immersion
Improve school safety and security including entry security and some seismic upgrades
Improve facility equity and access
Support career technical education
Replace aging school buses
Adopt curriculum
Modernize technology
Provide critical maintenance, repairs and improvements.

After the final community forum, the board will further discuss the potential bond measure on August 1 and 8, leading to a final decision on August 15.

More about the potential bond measure  

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2018–19 School Supply Lists

Back-to-school sales will begin soon, long before classes do. Check your school’s supply list online before you start your back-to-school shopping.

Some schools provide a list of required supplies for each grade, while other schools buy the needed materials in bulk and ask families to pay a supplies fee.

Find your school’s name below for a link to your student’s supply list for 2018–19. If you have any questions about your school’s list, please check with the school.

  • Elementary school offices reopen with limited hours on August 16 and 17. (Contact your school for open hours.) Regular hours resume August 20, except closed on August 21 for all staff training.
  • Middle school offices reopen on August 15.

Donations are greatly appreciated! If you would like to donate extra supplies or funds to buy supplies for students whose families are unable to pay for them, please contact the school office or an organization that collects donations for families in need. Thank you for your generosity.




Because high school
students’ course
schedules and needs
can vary so widely,
high schools do not
generally have preset
school supply lists
for all students.
For guidance on what
supplies your student
likely will need,
call the school office.

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Tentative Agreement Reached on Classified Contract

4-year contract agreement must be ratified by union members and approved by school board 

Members of the bargaining teams of Eugene School District 4J and the Oregon School Employees Association have reached a tentative agreement on the issues under negotiation for a new contract. The union represents 4J’s classified staff members, such as educational assistants, custodians, bus drivers, and food service workers.

The bargaining teams used an interest-based bargaining process in these negotiations, which focuses on interests and mutual gains.  They met numerous times from February through June 2018, making progress over time, until all issues were resolved.

Contract provisions

Important contract provisions that have been tentatively agreed to include:

• A four-year term, from 2018-19 through 2021-22

• Fair salary increases for every employee:

  • 2.2% COLA (cost of living increase) in 2018–19
  • 2.0% COLA in 2019–20
  • 2.0% COLA in 2020–21
  • COLA for 2021–22 to be negotiated in spring 2021

• Increased district contribution to employees’ health insurance

  • Increase of $15 per month in 2019–20
  • Increase of $10 per month in 2020–21
  • Benefits for 2021–22 to be negotiated in spring 2021

• Leave language simplified and updated, including modifications to sick, personal and family leaves

• Enhanced safety committees and districtwide reporting

Next steps 

Before the agreement becomes final it must be ratified by the classified association’s membership and approved by the Eugene School Board.

Classified employees will vote on whether to approve the terms and ratify the agreement on September 4, 2018. If union members ratify the agreement, the Eugene School Board will then vote on approval of the agreement at the following board meeting.

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Welcome New Principals, Other Administrators

Several 4J schools and departments will have new leadership in 2018–19

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS—Courtney Leonard, Charlemagne principal • Deirdre Pearson, Chávez principal • Dan Sterling, Holt principal • Sebastian Bolden, Spring Creek principal • Denisa Taylor, Twin Oaks principal

MIDDLE SCHOOLS—Chris Mitchell, Cal Young principal • Eric Anderson, Roosevelt principal • Peter Tromba, Spencer Butte principal • Karen Ramirez-Gutierrez, Kennedy assistant principal

HIGH SCHOOLS—Dr. Carey Killen, South Eugene principal • Misael Flores Gutierrez, Churchill assistant principal

DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION—Cydney Vandercar, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services • Dr. Andy Dey, Director of Secondary Education • Ryan Spain, Director of Facilities & Transportation • Kat Lange, Student Services Administrator • Joyce Smith-Johnson, Fox Hollow Campus Interim Administrator

Elementary Schools

Charlemagne Principal: Courtney Leonard is the new principal of Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School, replacing Eric Anderson who will be principal of Roosevelt Middle School next year. Ms. Leonard taught French immersion in the Eugene International High School program at South Eugene and served as the IHS Head Teacher before becoming a school administrator at North Eugene High School. She returns to 4J after serving as an assistant principal at Hillsboro High School.

Chávez Principal: Deirdre Pearson has been selected as principal of Chávez, replacing Denisa Taylor who will become principal at Twin Oaks. Ms. Pearson brings a wealth of knowledge from her years as a teacher in Medford, Albany and Tualatin, along with administrator experience in Ashland and most recently in Bandon, where she served as both middle school principal and special education director.

Holt Principal: Dan Sterling is the new principal at Holt, replacing Joyce Smith-Johnson who will be administrator of the Fox Hollow Campus. Mr. Sterling brings more than two decades of experience as a teacher and school leader in 4J and around the state. Mr. Sterling taught social studies in 4J 20 years ago before serving as a school administrator in Portland, Lake Oswego, and most recently at Centennial Elementary in Springfield since 2015.

Spring Creek Principal: Sebastian Bolden has been hired as the principal of Spring Creek, replacing Raquel Gwynn who accepted a position at the Oregon Department of Education. Mr. Bolden comes to 4J from the Bethel School District where he was a teacher, then assistant principal of a large K–8 school. He is passionate about improving students’ lives through education. A special thank you to Larry Sullivan, who served as interim principal after Ms. Gwynn left in February.

Twin Oaks Principal: Denisa Taylor has been named principal of Twin Oaks, replacing Lizette Rodgers who has chosen to return to classroom teaching. Ms. Taylor has been an educator with 4J since 1996 and has been principal of Chávez Elementary School for more than a decade. She has a strong background in special education, familiarity with Title programs and an unwavering dedication to students and families.

Middle Schools

Cal Young Principal: Chris Mitchell is the new principal of Cal Young. He has been principal of Roosevelt Middle School for the past six years, and previously was a middle school and high school assistant principal in Springfield. Mr. Mitchell is looking forward to promoting academic excellence and a positive school climate. A special thank you to Dana Brummett, Cal Young assistant principal, who stepped up to serve as interim principal this year, and to Morley Hegstrom, who took a break from retirement to serve as interim assistant principal.

Roosevelt Principal: Eric Anderson is returning to the role of principal of Roosevelt, replacing Chris Mitchell who is moving to Cal Young. Mr. Anderson has more than a decade of school leadership experience in the South Eugene region, most recently as principal of Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School. His return to Roosevelt will provide the school with continuity and strong leadership to continue to carry the school forward.

Spencer Butte Principal: Peter Tromba has been named principal of Spencer Butte, replacing Tasha Katsuda who has accepted a position in another district. Mr. Tromba is a veteran educator who has taught at every grade level and served as principal at the middle and high school levels, including at North Eugene High School and Monroe Middle School. He recently worked in Oregon’s Chief Education Office and is excited to serve once again as a school principal.

Kennedy Assistant Principal: Karen Ramirez-Gutierrez is the new assistant principal of Kennedy, replacing Mark Bennett who is retiring after many years of dedicated service. She most recently served as essential skills coordinator at River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School. Ms. Ramirez-Gutierrez is dedicated to supporting student and family success through collaboration and leadership.

High Schools

South Eugene Principal: Dr. Carey Killen is the new principal of South Eugene High School, replacing Dr. Andy Dey who has been appointed the district’s director of secondary education. This is a return to 4J for Dr. Killen, who served as an assistant principal at Sheldon before moving into a principal position in Bethel School District. She has nearly two decades of high school experience with the mosaic of programs and activities that make high school a complex and exciting place to work every day. Dr. Killen looks forward to connecting with all segments of the school community to plan for the future of South Eugene.

Churchill Assistant Principal: Misael Flores Gutierrez has been selected to be an assistant principal of Churchill High School, replacing Ame Beard who has accepted a position in another district. Mr. Flores has high school leadership experience as a dean of students and athletic director, as well as experience as a special education teacher. He is completing his doctorate in educational leadership with an emphasis on equity and leadership.

Department Directors

Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services: Cydney Vandercar has been appointed assistant superintendent for administrative services. Ms. Vandercar began her 4J career 25 years ago as a math teacher before serving as a school administrator at the middle and high school levels. Most recently, she served as director of human resources. As assistant superintendent for administrative services, Ms. Vandercar oversees the district’s operational departments and services, including human resources, financial operations, nutrition services, technology, transportation and facilities.

Director of Secondary Education: Dr. Andy Dey has been named 4J’s director of secondary education replacing BJ Blake who is retiring after nearly 30 years as a devoted educator. Dr. Dey has served as principal of South Eugene High School since 2015. His broad background includes experience as a middle and high school science teacher and administrator, track coach, K–12 curriculum director, and earlier as director of a nonprofit organization. Just prior to serving as South Eugene principal, he was curriculum director at an international school in Santiago, Chile. He is fluent in Spanish and holds a doctorate in education leadership. Dr. Dey is a focused and passionate leader for educational excellence, working with staff and community to find ways to ensure that all students are successful.

Director of Facilities and Transportation: Ryan Spain has been appointed the new director of facilities and transportation, replacing Harlan Coats who is retiring after 37 years in 4J’s facilities department. Mr. Spain has exceptional project management and communication skills and nearly 15 years of construction industry experience. Mr. Spain is committed to the continuous improvement of our district’s facilities so that educators and students can focus on teaching and learning. Dexter Rummel has been named facilities and maintenance manager to fill Mr. Spain’s previous position.

Student Services Administrator: Kat Lange has joined 4J as a student services administrator. Ms. Lange has experience as a special education teacher and school administrator, in both principal and assistant principal roles. Most recently, Ms. Lange was a special education director and college adjunct professor in Colorado working to help students with various backgrounds obtain the skills they need to succeed in a globally competitive world.

Fox Hollow Campus Interim Administrator: Joyce Smith-Johnson has been selected as interim administrator of the Fox Hollow Campus. In addition to her experience as principal of Holt Elementary School, Ms. Smith-Johnson has previously worked as a special education teacher and a staff development specialist in 4J. She brings to her new role an extensive knowledge and understanding of special education best practices along with her leadership skills, persistence and tenacity.

Congratulations and welcome to these education leaders in their new positions.

(This article will be updated as additional appointments are announced.)

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Summer Meal Program Begins

Free breakfast and lunch for kids July 5–August 17

Summer is here and school is out—but some 4J cafeterias are still cooking.

Eugene School District 4J serves about 10,000 meals to students each day when school is in session. Kids’ need for healthy food to grow, learn and thrive doesn’t end when school lets out for the summer. The federal Summer Food Service Program works to help fill that nutritional gap.

Eugene School District 4J will provide meals at five school sites this summer: Chávez, Holt and Howard elementary schools, and Churchill and Sheldon high schools. Free lunch also is available in many parks and community centers throughout Eugene at summer food program sites hosted by Food for Lane County and other organizations.

Children are welcome to eat at any summer meal site; they do not need to be students at that school. There are no application, income or enrollment requirements. All children age 18 and younger can eat free. Parents are invited to eat with their children by bringing their own food or purchasing a meal ($3.50 for breakfast, $4.00 for lunch).

Times and locations for 4J summer meal sites are below. These are the accurate times and locations; some state and national websites have shown incorrect information for 4J summer meal sites. 

Chávez Elementary School
1510 W. 14th Ave.
July 23August 16 
Breakfast 8:30–9:15
Lunch 11:30–12:15
Holt Elementary School
770 Calvin St.
July 5August 2 
Breakfast 8:00–9:00
Lunch 11:30–12:30
Howard Elementary School
700 Howard Ave.
July 9August 17 
Breakfast 8:15–9:00
Lunch 11:30–12:30
Churchill High School
1850 Bailey Lane
July 9August 9 
Breakfast 8:30–9:15
Lunch 12:30–1:15
Sheldon High School
2455 Willakenzie Rd.
July 9August 9 
Breakfast 8:30–9:15
Lunch 12:30–1:15


More Information  
4J Summer Meals Program
Food for Lane County Sites
Summer Food Oregon

More About Summer in 4J  
Summer Learning
School Office Hours
School Health Centers

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