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Working Toward a Sustainable Budget

How do we provide 21st century learning and support achievement for all students in these tough economic times?

That’s the question the Eugene School District has tried to answer as it worked to develop a sustainable budget in the face of a staggering budget shortfall for 2011–12.

Oregon school districts’ financial challenges have been growing each year due to increasing expenses and decreasing revenues. This district has patched its budget gaps by reducing staff, trimming school and work days, and using federal stimulus money and district reserve funds. Yet even after deep cuts in recent years, 4J next year faces a stunning deficit of about 15–20% of the district’s operating budget.

The Eugene School Board on February 2 set a sustainable budget strategy direction that will drive choices as detailed district budgets are developed this spring and over the next few years.  The goal is to balance the budget and put 4J on a sustainable course, while providing all students with a sound education.