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Student Success Act Documents & Materials

The Student Success Act will provide additional funding for public schools and early learning in Oregon, about half of it going directly to school districts and eligible charter schools based on enrollment through the Student Investment Account. Each school district must develop a plan for how to invest these funds to increase academic achievement, close gaps between groups of students and meet students’ mental and behavioral health needs.


4J Overview of Student Success Act (English/Spanish)

4J Needs Assessment
4J Continuous Improvement Plan

What Would It Cost? Allowable Investments and Estimated Costs

Investments for Success: Community Input

Student Investment Account Plan (March 2020) 

SIA Plan Overview
SIA Integrated Plan Strategies and Budget
SIA Grant Application

Reduced Student Investment Account Plan (Oct. 2020)

Reduced SIA Plan Information
Reduced SIA Plan Overview
Reduced SIA Plan Strategies and Budget
Reduced SIA Grant Agreement

2020–21 Annual Report (Nov. 2021)

Annual Report Overview
• Annual Report Questions

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Community Engagement

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