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Public Records Requests

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Public Records Procedures and Fee Schedule

The Eugene School District strives to provide transparent access to public records in a timely manner.  The district will make available any record unless it is exempt from public disclosure under the provisions of the Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 192.

Making a public records request

To make a public records request, an individual should submit the following information in writing:

  • Name and contact information such as an email address, phone number and mailing address
  • Date of request
  • Description of the records being requested, including enough detail to assist staff in locating the record.
  • Format preferred for receiving the record (paper copy or electronic format) or whether the request is to inspect the records at a district location.

Public records requests should be submitted to:

  • The district by email at publicrecords@4j.lane.edu, by postal mail, or in person at Superintendent’s Office, Eugene School District 4J, 200 North Monroe, Eugene OR 97402

Responding to a public records request

The amount of time required to respond to a request depends upon the volume of the records requested, the staff available to respond to the records request, and the difficulty in determining whether there are any records available.

4J staff should contact the Superintendent’s Office for more information or assistance in responding to a public records request (publicrecords@4j.lane.edu, 541-790-7700). A copy of all written public requests should also be provided if the request requires an extensive amount of time.

Within 5 working days, district staff will acknowledge a public records request, ask for clarification as needed, and respond that one of the following applies:

  • The district does not possess or is not the custodian of the public record.
  • The district has some or all of the requested records. 
    Add a response regarding when the record will be provided, where it is located, or what fees may be charged, such as
    • The records are attached. Or, the records will be provided by ____ date.
    • We will assess the cost to compile and the records and will notify you of the estimated fee and the time required to make the records available, before proceeding.
    • We estimate that the fee to compile and make the records available to you is $____.Once pre-payment for the records is received, we will proceed to compile the records. We estimate that it will require _____ days/weeks to make the records available after we have received your pre-payment.This fee is based on the following estimate:
    ___ compiling the records: ___ hours @ $___ per hour
    ___ review the records to redact any confidential information:  ___ hours@ $___ per hour
    ___ copying or scanning charges @ ____cents per page
  • District staff is uncertain whether we possess the requested records. We will search for the records and will notify you soon regarding whether there are records that fit your request.
  • The records requested are exempt from disclosure as per ORS 192.410 to 192.505

When a request is made to inspect records, the district may impose restrictions regarding the location where the information will be made available for inspection and may assign staff to be present. 


Oregon law allows the district to charge fees to cover the actual cost of making public records available.  This may include the cost of searching for any records, regardless of whether any records are found, as well as for assembling, copying and reviewing the requested documents to redact exempt information.

  • To charge a fee greater than $25, staff must provide a written cost estimate and receive confirmation that the requester wishes to proceed with the public records request.  If so, pre-payment of fees is required.
  • After pre-payment is received, the district will proceed with the work. If the actual cost is less, the district will then make reimbursement.  If the actual cost to provide the records is more than the estimate, the district may ask for additional payment.  Payment should be made by check to the Eugene School District 4J.
  • Requests for fee waivers must be submitted in writing and state the reason or basis of the request.  The superintendent may waive part or all of the fees, if it is determined that the waiver is in the public interest and primarily benefits the general public.

Public Records Request Fee Schedule

4J Public Record Procedures and Fees — Effective September 2011

Copies 25 cents per page for letter or legal-sized paper copies
Maps, reports or other large documents Actual cost of reproduction
Media copies to DVD/CD $20 each
Postage $1 for 1–10 pages
$2 for 11–30 pages
$3 for 30–60 pagesActual cost for larger mailings or certified mailings
Faxing documents 25 cents per page
Scanning documents 25 cents per page
Email records search $50 minimum charge for 1 hour of administrative staff time, additional hours will be charged, if required to cover actual costs.
Staff Time:  
Clerical time Per hour charge based on salary for Administrative Assistant Step 4 (Grade 11, approximately $19 per hour)
Administrator time Per hour charge based on administrator’s salary
Director’s time charged at Grade 15 Step 6 (approximately $55 per hour)
Legal counsel Full cost of legal counsel review, if required.
Auxiliary services such as large print, Braille, audio recordings, readers to qualified persons with disabilities No charge, available upon request and advance notification