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Distributing Materials to Schools

We frequently get requests to share information about events and programs with 4J students and their families. We may be able to help, provided your event meets certain standards.

If your event or program meets all of the following criteria:

  • It must be free, or provide scholarship opportunities
  • It must be open to all students
  • It must be appropriate
  • It must be educational

then the 4J Communications Office can assist you in distributing your hardcopy materials to 4J schools.

If your materials are appropriate but do not otherwise meet the standards for use of the district’s distribution resources, you may send your materials directly to individual schools.

In either case, the principal at each school will make the final decision on whether or not your information will be posted or made available to students and families.

Materials to be displayed by posting must contain the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the sponsoring individual or group.

Printed materials must be furnished by the event’s organizer; schools cannot print materials for you.

Please also see Administrative Rule K2100 and K2200 and Board Policy KJA regarding Distribution of Materials.

Please contact the 4J Communications Office, 541-790-7707, mercado_l@4j.lane.edu, for more information or to submit your materials for distribution.