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School Bond Measure on May Ballot (Measure 20-210)

$170 million bond measure would replace four aging school buildings, improve technology, update instructional materials, upgrade security, and repair schools

A bond measure that would provide funding for Eugene public schools is on the May 21 election ballot.

Why a bond measure?

Bond measure funds would allow the Eugene School District to:

  • Replace aging buildings that are worn and costly to maintain
  • Provide better instructional facilities for students
  • Support effective classroom instruction by acquiring updated technology and instructional materials
  • Address student safety and security across the district

What would it cost?

If the measure is approved, property tax rates for Eugene School District bond debt would increase by about 24¢ per $1,000 assessed value. Property taxes would increase by about $42 a year for the median homeowner in the district, with an assessed value of $174,000. The bonds would be paid off over 20 years.

Why now?

  • The bond would fund investments in classroom technology and curriculum improvements that the district otherwise cannot afford due to school budget cuts.
  • The bond would reduce building operating costs by replacing older, inefficient school buildings.
  • Current construction costs are competitive due to the economic downturn. In the past, local firms have bid on and won 4J construction contracts, creating local jobs.
  • Current interest rates are low, reducing costs to taxpayers.

Can bond money pay for teachers and school programs directly?

No. By law, bond money can ONLY be spent on capital facilities (such as buildings, athletic fields and parking lots), equipment and technology.

Will there be other bond measures in the future?

Yes. The bond measure is part of a long-range facilities plan that guides the district in replacing and renovating outdated school buildings. The plan calls for another bond measure in 2017 or 2018 to replace or renovate four more aging schools.

What’s next?

To be eligible to vote on the bond measure you must reside within the Eugene School District and be registered to vote by April 30. Ballots will be mailed to registered voters beginning May 3. Completed ballots must be returned to the county elections office or a ballot drop box by 8 p.m. on May 21.

How would the bond funds be spent?

As proposed, the $170 million bond measure would pay for:

Replacement or major renovation of four aging schools

  • Roosevelt Middle School ($42 M)
  • Arts & Technology Academy at Jefferson ($35 M)
  • Howard Elementary School ($32 M)
  • River Road Elementary School ($24 M)

Additions at two schools

  • Gilham Elementary School ($5 M)
  • Kelly Middle School track and field ($2 M)

Technology upgrades at all schools ($10.48 M)

  • Improve classroom technology to support student learning
  • Improve technology infrastructure

Instructional materials at all schools  ($5.22 M)

  • Update science, writing and math curriculum
  • Update science lab equipment

School safety and security ($3 M)

  • Including entry security, video surveillance and security fencing

Building repairs, improvements, equipment ($4.3 M)

  • Upgrade building systems, replace roofs, make other repairs and improvements

Bus purchases ($6 M)

Safe routes to school improvements ($1 M)


  • 24¢ per $1,000 assessed value
  • $42 a year for median home with assessed value of $174,000

For more information, please call the 4J Communications office at 541-790-7737.

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