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4J Vision 20/20 Goal 5: Stable, Sustainable Stewardship

Provide effective, efficient, and equitable stewardship of district resources to best support our instructional mission.

Objective 1:

Optimize efficiencies and improve effectiveness.

We will…

  • Audit internal and external systems and recommend improvements.
  • Articulate district systems to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Integrate and improve data reporting, automation, and data quality across processes and systems.
  • Restructure district departments to provide more efficient support of schools.

Objective 2:

Provide transparent, accountable financial management.

We will…

  • Provide comprehensive financial and accountability information that is easy to locate and understand.
  • Present budget overview in clear, consistent, plain language that is accessible by a layperson.
  • Integrate all sources of income and how those sources are spent within the school district.

Objective 3:

Allocate resources in an equitable manner to meet every student’s needs.

We will…

  • Review how resources are allocated to schools based on enrollment and needs index.
  • Provide resources to reduce class sizes where possible, with attention to student need levels.

Objective 4:

Develop a sustainable budget aligned to district goals, strategies and objectives.

We will…

  • Prioritize budget additions and reductions to align with district goals.
  • Develop long-range funding plans to reduce class sizes, restore specialists, update curriculum and technology, continue to provide a full school year, and other priorities.
  • Utilize master plans and replacement schedules to inform priorities.
  • Develop processes to review funded systems, processes and programs and determine whether spending should continue, expand, reduce or halt.
  • Maintain appropriate reserve levels

Objective 5:

Provide safe, secure, sustainable learning spaces that meet educational needs.

We will…

  • Complete a demographic study to analyze future student enrollment patterns.
  • Update the long-range facilities plan for future construction priorities.
  • Seek direction from the board, budget and bond committees on a potential future construction bond.
  • Complete construction priorities on-time and on-budget.

Objective 6:

Optimize technology to meet instructional and operational needs.

We will…

  • Develop a long-range technology plan with a stable and secure platform and standards aligned to curriculum framework.
  • Integrate technology into curriculum and instruction in a coherent, articulated manner.
  • Promote technology through our organizational structure.
  • Expand technology infrastructure to ensure all district sites have equitable access to technology.


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