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4J Vision 20/20 Goal 3: Communication and Connection with Community

Foster proactive and positive communication, engagement and partnerships with stakeholders.

Objective 1:

Implement a comprehensive communication strategy that provides timely, family-centered, two-way communication.

We will…

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive communications plan.
  • Develop and implement an annual communications calendar.
  • Increase output of timely communication about processes, activities and events.
  • Design engagement strategies into major initiatives.
  • Expand outreach to under-engaged communities.

Objective 2:

Strengthen connections between our schools and our community.

We will…

  • Develop and support partnerships with community organizations and businesses.
  • Provide multiple school communication platforms and pathways.
  • Provide opportunities for community engagement.

Objective 3:

Support active school–family communication and engagement.

We will…

  • Establish a baseline standard for school communications.
  • Provide consistent communication resources to schools.
  • Provide clear and timely school–family communication.
  • Improve customer service to enhance parent experience.

Objective 4:

Provide multiple pathways to engagement.

We will…

  • Share important information through multiple channels to meet diverse needs.
  • Provide opportunities for two-way communication.
  • Increase targeted outreach to under-engaged communities.
  • Communicate effectively with families in their home language.


4J Vision 20/20 Strategic Plan