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Choosing a School

Choosing a School

The district’s school choice policy means that any student in the district may request to attend any 4J school. Families who live outside of the district may request a transfer to 4J.  Lotteries are held each spring to determine the order in which requests are granted for any available openings.

All 4J schools strive to maintain an innovative, high-quality educational environment. No matter which school you choose, your child will receive an excellent education.

When choosing which schools you would like to enroll in, we encourage you to take advantage of the districtwide school visitation weeks and the Elementary School Showcase in January to check out your neighborhood school and any other school you are interested in.

Find out what programs the school has, and talk to the teachers and the principal. Ask yourself what school environment and program you want for your child. Make sure you understand the program.

Some things to consider:

  • Transportation — School bus service is provided only for neighborhood schools, and bus routes travel only within a school’s attendance boundary. School choice and transfer students may use existing bus services if space is available; otherwise families must provide their own transportation.
  • Time — What parental commitments are expected? All schools encourage active parent involvement. Some programs may expect heavy participation.
  • Style — How does the school operate? How does the school feel? How does the educational approach of the school match your child’s needs?

When you have decided which schools you are interested in, you can enroll in your neighborhood school at any time, or apply to enroll in a different school through the in-district school choice process or through an out-of-district transfer process if you live in another school district.

About 4J Schools

More than 16,000 students attend school at Eugene School District 4J’s 18 elementary schools, eight middle schools, four comprehensive high schools, and alternative high school programs.

Neighborhood Schools

The starting point. There are many advantages to enrolling your child in your neighborhood school. Each neighborhood school is unique, but all emphasize developing strong educational programs that reflect the needs and interests of children and families in their area. All neighborhood schools strive to constantly improve the overall educational experience, including student performance on state tests, exposure to specialist teachers, extracurricular activities, and parent and community involvement.

The principal at your neighborhood school can share the school’s improvement goals for the year and tell you more about each program’s strengths. We suggest you start by getting to know your neighborhood school by calling to schedule a visit or attending an open house during the school visitation period after winter break.

You may also transfer to a different neighborhood school if there is space available and you can arrange transportation for your child.

Alternative Schools

4J’s alternative schools have programs built on a particular theme or approach to education. Alternative schools in the district include language immersion programs in French, Spanish and Japanese, plus a Mandarin Chinese immersion program that began in 2017.

Alternative schools have no neighborhood attendance boundaries; their attendance boundary is the district boundary. Enrollment is by request only. Families from all neighborhoods (and, if space is available, families who live outside the district) may request to have their child attend the school, and openings are filled in an order determined by lottery. Families must provide their own transportation.

About Charter Schools

There are several charter schools in this district. Charter schools receive public funds but are independent legal entities governed by their own board of directors.

Charter schools have their own admission procedures — they do not accept 4J school choice forms and are not included in the 4J school choice lottery. They must provide an equitable enrollment opportunity for any interested students. To inquire about enrolling, contact the charter school directly.