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Superintendent Search Finalist Candidates (2010–11)

Between 4J’s highly desirable location in Eugene and its longstanding reputation as a top-quality school district, the 2010–11 nationwide executive search garnered an excellent pool of strong candidates.

In February 2011 the Eugene School Board interviewed candidates and narrowed the field to three finalists:

  • Dr. Sheldon Berman, currently Superintendent at Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Mr. Michael Munoz, currently Chief Academic Officer with Des Moines Public Schools in Des Moines, Iowa
  • Dr. Darlene Schottle, currently Superintendent at Kalispell Public Schools in Kalispell, Montana

The three candidates returned to Eugene in early March to meet with stakeholders and speak publicly at a community forum before the school board selected a final candidate.


Dr. Sheldon Berman

Current Position:  Superintendent
Jefferson County Public Schools (Louisville, KY)
District Enrollment: 100,000 students
District Budget:  $1 billion

Ed.D.    Harvard Graduate School of Education
M.Ed.      Harvard Graduate School of Education
M.Ed.    University of Maine
B.A.    University of Wisconsin

Dr. Sheldon Berman has been the Superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky, since 2007. He oversees more than 150 schools serving nearly 100,000 students.

For the preceding 14 years, he was Superintendent of the Hudson Public Schools, a district of 3,000 students outside Boston, Massachusetts. During his time in Hudson, Dr. Berman helped guide a school system with declining enrollment and poor academic performance to become a statewide model for instruction innovation and excellence. He was named the Massachusetts Superintendent of the Year in 2002.

Dr. Berman began his career as a social studies teacher.  He was the coordinator and then president of Teachers for Social Responsibility, a national center for teaching about conflict and social responsibility located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Mr. Michael Munoz

Current Position: Chief Academic Officer
Des Moines Public Schools (Des Moines, Iowa)
District Enrollment:  32,000 students
District Budget: $400 million

C.A.S. Iowa State University
M.A. Chadron State College
B.S.  University of Nebraska

Mr. Michael Munoz is currently serving as the Chief Academic Officer for the Des Moines Public Schools in Des Moines, Iowa.  In his current role he oversees all programs focused on student achievement.  He also leads the implementation and monitoring of the district’s newly developed five-year strategic plan.

Mr. Munoz’s previous roles in his time at Des Moines Public Schools were Executive Director of the Northeast Region (one of three regions), the Executive Director of eight middle schools, and Director of K–8 Programs in the Northeast Region.

Before joining the Des Moines district in 2005, Mr. Munoz was a teacher, coach, elementary school principal and middle school principal in Nebraska.


Dr. Darlene Schottle

Current Position: Superintendent
Kalispell Public Schools (Kalispell, Montana)
District Enrollment: 5,600 students
District Budget: $32 million

Ed.D. University of Nevada
M.Ed. University of Nevada
B.Ed.  University of British Columbia

Dr. Darlene Schottle is the Superintendent of Kalispell Public Schools in Kalispell, Montana. She was honored as the Montana Superintendent of the Year in 2010.  Dr. Schottle has been Kalispell’s superintendent for 8 years, following a succession of seven superintendents in the preceding 8 years.

Dr. Schottle previously served as the Area Superintendent for Washoe County Schools in Nevada, a district of 60,000 students. She held the position of Senior Director of Special Education and Psychological Services for 5 years before being promoted to Area Superintendent.

Dr. Schottle was a teacher for a decade before becoming the principal of a Washoe County school. She was awarded the Washoe County Administrator of the Year award while there.