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Equity Committee

The mission of the Eugene School District 4J Equity Committee is to advise the district and act as community catalyst in improving student success among students from racial and ethnic minority groups and economically disadvantaged backgrounds, GLBTQ students, students who have disabilities and students who speak languages other than English. Achieving equity is a shared responsibility between community and district and it can only be achieved by mutual responsibility.

The Equity Committee consists of 12 community members. In addition, the committee includes several non-voting members: one board member, the superintendent, and three staff members appointed by the superintendent.

The role of the Equity Committee is to:

• Promote mutual understanding between the community and the district.
• Promote inclusion, justice and equity in our schools.
• Collaborate with the district to identify and implement initiatives that best support students.
• Actively create, coordinate and support partnerships that engage students and families in boosting academic achievement.
• Connect the district with community initiatives to increase student success and build partnerships to support these efforts.
• Analyze student performance data in order to recommend school and/or community interventions.
• Build alliances and sustain communications with stakeholder groups in the community to support district equity goals.
• Work with the district to engage community stakeholder voices.

The Superintendent is interested in appointing a diverse committee that includes people of different races, ethnicities, identities, abilities and perspectives who:

• Bring a connection to, relationship with, and advocacy for specific communities.
• Have a professional background or community leadership experience in educational equity issues.
• Know how to impact institutional change in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion.
• Have experience across multiple dimensions of diversity.


Twelve community members have been appointed by the superintendent to serve on the Equity Committee:

  • David Abramowitz
  • Betsy Boyd
  • Gary Campbell
  • Ann Cole
  • Bao Adam
  • Maya Rabasa
  • Eric Richardson
  • Heidi Schultz
  • Edward Olivos
  • Thomas Anil Oommen
  • Laura Dahill

In addition, one board member, the superintendent, and three staff members appointed by the superintendent serve as non-voting members.


Equity Committee meetings are regularly held on the second Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m.

Meetings are open to the public to observe.

Meeting Dates & Materials

For more information call 541-790-7714.