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Kelly Middle School

850 Howard Avenue, Eugene, OR 97404
(541) 790-4740 Fax: (541) 790-4746

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Grades: 6–8
Enrollment: 456
Principal: John Wayland <wayland_j@4j.lane.edu>
Secretary: Laura Moncada Pacheco <moncadapacheco_l@4j.lane.edu>

Feeder Elementary Schools: Howard, River Road/El Camino del Río, Yujin Gakuen
High School Region: North Eugene

Mission Statement:
The mission of Kelly Middle School is to create an inclusive learning environment that challenges, prepares and empowers students to be contributing and compassionate citizens of the world.

Program Description:
We are committed to fostering lifelong learners who are prepared academically and socially for the transition to high school following the completion of three years of study at Kelly Middle School. Rigorous academic explorations tempered with socially responsible instructional practices will help students become contributors in our democratic society. Our teachers and administrators strive to educate the whole student by extending instruction from the core subject areas into PE, music, writing and second-language learning environments.

School Highlights:

  • Our teachers pride themselves on building strong student relationships with students to build on students’ strengths and to encourage the development of new skills and abilities
  • All students receive daily instruction in the core areas of science, math, language arts and social studies; in addition, students gain knowledge in writing instruction, band, PE and other electives
  • Special programs available to all students include BEST after-school enrichment, homework club, yearbook club, orchestra, AVID, Ganas, WEB Leaders and a mentor program
  • Special programs available to all students include after-school enrichment, homework club, yearbook club, orchestra, Ganas, WEB Leaders and the adult mentor program
  • Opportunities for students to gain knowledge and understanding of the world by participating in a range of schoolwide projects focusing on social justice and cultural proficiency

School Improvement Goals:

  • We are committed to an active, engaged learning community
  • We develop and maintain structures and strategies for effective, focused and direct communication
  • We are committed to professional development and continually assessing and addressing the needs of our students, parents and guardians, staff and community members
  • We will provide a schedule that promotes academic achievement and physical and social development for every student
  • We strive to increase collaboration with students, parents, guardians, staff and community

Other Information:
With a strong emphasis on technology, all LA/SS block classes have a laptop computer for each student. Similarly, each math/science block class boasts a SMART Board (interactive white board). Each classroom is also home to document cameras with even others utilizing “student response systems” (clickers), AirLiners and MP3 players all aimed at enhancing instruction in the 21st century. With new computer hardware in place, our efforts move toward instructional technology, the integration of technology into teaching and learning. Instructional technology is the accessing, synthesizing and presenting of student learning using the appropriate technological tool.

Japanese Immersion Program:
Kelly Middle School hosts the mid-level continuation of the Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School program, which was the first public Japanese immersion school in the nation. We provide an integrated program for graduating Yujin Gakuen Elementary students, and other students with advanced Japanese ability, that helps them mature into fluent speakers of Japanese and internationally minded citizens. At the middle level, students work to move beyond passive listening skills to strong oral communication and writing skills, including continued Kanji study. An emphasis is also placed on cooperation, good citizenship and self-discipline.

Housed within the innovative Kelly Middle School, the Yujin Gakuen middle level program is a “school within a school” and provides students with the opportunity to take part in the general Kelly program for their basic subjects and in extensive use of instructional technology. It is important that students continue advancing in Japanese throughout this phase of their schooling to be ready to enter International Baccalaureate (IB) programs or advanced language courses in high school or college.

Spanish Dual Immersion Program:
Kelly Middle School hosts the mid-level continuation of River Road/El Camino del Río’s comprehensive and inclusive Spanish dual immersion program as a “school within a school.” This is excellent preparation to enter International Baccalaureate (IB) programs or advanced language courses in high school or college. College credit can even be earned through Advanced Placement Language exams in high school.

Dual immersion offers a unique opportunity for native English and Spanish speakers to work together to become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. It also paves the way to learn additional languages in high school or beyond. Students of all backgrounds learn to appreciate and understand differences in cultures and traditions.

At the middle school level, alternative school students take courses with the at-large population of the host middle school along with classes in their specialized alternative program. Thus enrollment and state test results are counted with those of the host middle school. For more information, contact the school office.

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