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Eugene International High School

Eugene IHS logoAt Churchill: 1850 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene, OR 97405 • 541-790-5225 • Fax: 541-790-5110
At Sheldon: 2455 Willakenzie Road, Eugene, OR 97401 • 541-790-6636 • Fax: 541-790-6605
At South: 400 East 19th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401 • 541-790-8030 • Fax: 541-790-8005

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Grades: 9-12
Enrollment: 187 at Churchill, 323 at Sheldon, 390 at South Eugene
Principal: Brian Kuzma (head teacher) <kuzma_b@4j.lane.edu>

Middle School Region: N/A

Mission Statement:
As global citizens at Eugene International High School, we aspire to value diversity, ambiguity and discovery and to act with responsibility, integrity and compassion.

Program Description:
Established in 1984, Eugene International High School (Eugene IHS) is an alternative school in international studies for grades 9–12. The school is designed for students who value global understanding and communication, cultural differences and improving the human condition. Eugene IHS is a four-year interdisciplinary curriculum focused on the study of nations, their cultures, history, artistic expression, and political, economic and belief systems. Students who graduate from Eugene IHS will have developed a cultural awareness necessary for international communication and understanding and will receive an honorary Eugene IHS diploma in addition to an official high school diploma. Eugene IHS is an International Baccalaureate school.

School Highlights:

  • Eugene IHS is a member of the International Baccalaureate Program (IB), a worldwide affiliation of schools that promotes international standards of achievement. Students may pursue the full IB diploma with examinations in six subjects or test as course candidates in individual subjects.
  • All Eugene IHS students must complete the equivalent of three years of world language study in order to receive the honorary Eugene IHS diploma; students with advanced skills in Spanish or French may participate in immersion study
  • Eugene IHS students will have opportunities to demonstrate proficiencies in essential skills and meet the personalized learning requirements by successfully completing the junior seminar

School Improvement Goals:

  • Promote our mission and goals as an international school
  • Continue to cultivate our sense of community, identity and responsibility as Eugene International High School and as an alternative school
  • Foster academic excellence for all students as measured by international standards through the International Baccalaureate curriculum
  • Prepare our students to become successful global citizens of the 21st century
  • Support and promote continuing efforts by staff to expand and improve our teaching skills and strategies

Other Information:
Every student interested in exploring the world is welcome in Eugene IHS! Admission to Eugene IHS is based on the 4J school choice lottery and predicated on a student’s interest in international studies. Located at three sites on the campuses of South Eugene High School, Sheldon High School, and Churchill High School, Eugene IHS offers students a core curriculum in international studies during half their school day. During the other half, Eugene IHS students can select from an array of courses offered in the host schools, including the sciences, mathematics, languages, publications, applied technology, physical education, and fine and performing arts. The organizational structure of Eugene IHS is a school-within-a-school model.

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