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Charter Schools

Public charter schools receive public funds but are independent legal entities governed by their own board of directors, and are excluded from many state statutes and rules (for example, only half of a charter school’s teachers must be licensed by the state).

Local Public Charter Schools

There are five public charter schools in Eugene School District 4J:

Charter schools are not included in the 4J school choice and transfer processes. Each charter school has its own admission procedures. They must provide an equitable enrollment opportunity for any interested students.

For more information, contact the charter school directly.

Oregon Virtual Charter Schools

There are numerous virtual public charter schools in Oregon. For information on virtual charter schools, visit the State of Oregon Department of Education website.

Oregon state law limits the number of students who can enroll in virtual public charter schools not sponsored by the district, without the school district’s approval, to 3% of the district’s resident students.

To request that a student be released to enroll in a virtual charter school, the parent or guardian must submit an “intent to enroll” notice to the school district where the student resides. (This applies only to virtual charter schools, not the five local charter schools located in 4J.)

4J residents who wish to enroll in a virtual charter school must submit an intent to enroll request through the following online form. The district will respond within 14 days of receiving the form submission.

Requests to enroll in virtual charter schools will be approved as long as the district is under the 3% cap. When the district is over the 3% cap, requests will be declined.


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