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University Student Placement Process

Congratulations on your placement as a student teacher with Eugene School District 4J. Before you can begin your experience there are a couple of requirements that must be completed.

  1. Complete the student teacher placement Google form here.
  2. We require those who work with 4J students to understand and adhere to the district’s policies and procedures with respect to sexual misconduct, child abuse, intimidation, bullying, harassment, discrimination, hazing, and retaliation, and sign an acceptance form prior to beginning any practicum or student teaching placement. Please review the following board policies and sign and return the acceptance form and FERPA statement. Please submit your signed forms to HR@4j.lane.edu or you can drop off or mail it to Hr/Finance Resource Center 200 N Monroe ST. Eugene Oregon 97402.

    Student Teacher Policies and FERPA Statement (Please sign and submit to 4J Human Resources) 
    AC D1
    JBA_GBN G1
    JHFE D1
    JFCF D1
    JHFF D1
    JOB G1

  3. Submit a 4J volunteer application here. This will allow us to complete a background check and will provide a way for you to track your time while in the building.
  • On the volunteer application, there is a section labeled, “Skills, Hobbies, Comments, Questions?” please indicate that you are a student teacher, practicum-teacher, job shadow, or intern.
  1. When you have received a confirmation that your background check has been processed and approved, you will be issued a SafeSchools training account.
  • You will receive an email from SafeSchools that will provide you a link to your assigned account. If you do not receive this email check your spam/junk folder. The SafeSchools naming mechanisms for student teacher placement user-name names are always in this format, UO-M.Olin. If for any reason you do receive a user-name that differs from this please contact 541-790-7669 for assistance.
  1. Please report to the Human Resources/Finance Resource center located within the District office at 200 North Monroe, Eugene Oregon 97404. Identify who you are, your placement and that you are part of the student teacher placement program. Please be prepared to have your picture taken for your 4J badge. At this time student teachers will receive directions to set up their email account.
  • When you begin your experience you are required to sign in and out of the volunteer database each day. Not only will this allow you to track your time, but it will also provide an accurate account to the District regarding who is in the building at any given moment. Please do not sign in as a visitor as the system will not be able to track your time.