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Transporting Students in Personal Vehicles

Read this section before planning any field trips or arranging for student transportation to sports events.
The following guidelines are to ensure that only safe qualified drivers transport students when District vehicles are not used.

If District employees or volunteers use personal vehicles to transport students, they must:

  • Be a 4J employee or approved volunteer on school district business.
  • Be over 21 years old and acceptable to the building principal.
  • Carry the minimum state mandated limits for personal auto insurance (at least $25,000/50,000 bodily injury liability, $50,000 uninsured bodily injury, $10,000 each for personal injury protection and property damage liability coverage).
  • Use a booster seat for all children who are under the age of six or who weigh less than 60 pounds.
  • Each driver must fill out an 4J Staff & Volunteers Private-Auto Insurance Form. This form can be kept on file in the school office for future trips.

Privately-owned large vehicles such as “retired” school buses, motor homes, or airport-type buses do not qualify as an approved vehicle.

Note: The District carries excess auto insurance coverage for damages above the limits of the driver’s coverage when the driver meets all the above requirements.
Students cannot be authorized by school officials to take other students to District events in personal vehicles.