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Classified Job Descriptions


Accounting and Business Systems Specialist
Accounting Clerk I (1102)
Accounting Clerk II (1103)
Accounting Clerk III (1104)
Accounting Specialist
Accounting Specialist—Accounting System (1107)
Accounting Specialist—Accounts Payable (1108)
Accounting Specialist—Payroll System(1106)
Administrative Assistant (1122)
Administrative Assistant—Educational Support Services (1124)
Attendance Clerk—High School (1153)
Attendance Clerk—Middle School (1151)
Cataloging Specialist
Classified Benefits Coordinator
Communications Specialist
Department Assistant (1145)
Department Secretary (1146)
District Translation Specialist
Elementary School Assistant
Elementary School Secretary (1150)
Facility Coordinator
Federal Programs Coordinator
Finance Clerk (1110)
Health Services Assistant (1158)
High School Secretary (1155)
Human Resources Generalist I (1126)
Human Resources Generalist II (1127)
Human Resources Specialist
Management Assistant (1144)
Middle School Secretary (1152)
Office Support – Bilingual/Bicultural
Program Coordinator – Student Wellness and School Safety
Records & Scheduling Assistant (1121)
School Choice & Student Assignment Coordinator
Staffing and School Accountant


Carpenter (1304)
Custodial Staff Assistant (1310)
Custodial Technician (1309)
Custodial/Maintenance Coordinator I (1311)
Custodial/Maintenance Coordinator II (1312)
Custodian (1308)
Electrician I
Electrician II
Electrician Specialist(1315)
Electronics Technician – Fire Alarm & Security System (1316)
Equipment Operator (1318)
Fire Alarm and Security System Specialist 
Floorcovering Technician (1320)
Ground Specialist—Integrated Pest Management
Ground Specialist – Lead Integrated Pest Management
Groundskeeper (1321)
Heating Technician (1324)
HVAC/Refrigeration Technician (1325)
HVAC/Refrigeration Technician III
Irrigation Specialist
Lead Custodian (1313)
Locksmith (1326)
Locksmith Specialist
Maintenance Worker I
Maintenance Worker II
Maintenance Worker III
Maintenance Worker II – Plumber Trainee
Painter (1332)
Painter Specialist
Plumber (1334)
Plumber Specialist (1336)
Roofer (1337)
Roofing Specialist (1339)
Safety Specialist 
Senior Groundskeeper
Senior Roofer (1338)
Warehouse Operations Assistant (1343)

Food Services

Food Service Assistant I
Food Service Assistant II
Food Service Coordinator
Food Service Technician (1203)
Nutrition Services Regional Assistant


Architectural Drafter (1451)
AV/Textbook Specialist (1447)
Building Behavior Support Assistant
Campus Safety and Security Monitor
Career Center Assistant
Comprehensive Distance Learning or Hybrid Non-Instructional Support
Educational Assistant
Educational Assistant – Child Development Center
Grant Writer Analyst
Human Services Coordinator (1403)
Human Services Coordinator – Bilingual
Instructional Assistant—Bilingual (1423)
Instructional Assistant—Day Care Program(s) (1425)
Instructional Assistant—Infant and Toddler Care Center (1427)
KRVM Financial Support II Coordinator
KRVM Membership Coordinator
Lead Educational Assistant – Child Development Center
Library/IMC Assistant (1448)
Library/IMC Specialist (1449)
Post Graduate Planning Specialist
Program Coordinator – KRVM
Program Coordinator – Student Alliance Community
Program Coordinator Assistant (1406)
Recreation/Activities Coordinator (1414)
Research, Assessment, and Data Analyst (1407b)
School Crossing Guard (1450)
School Program Coordinator(1454)
School Volunteer Coordinator (1410)
Vocational Training Assistant (1411)
Volunteer Programs Coordinator (1409)

SSD/Special Education

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Educational Assistant – Child Center Program
Educational Assistant – One-to-One (Autism)
Educational Assistant – One-to-One Program
Educational Assistant – Severely Disabled
Educational Assistant – Special Ed (General)
Licensed Practical Nurse
Case Manager_Assistant
Special Education Skills Trainer (1443)


Computer System Support Technician
Computer Technician
Electronics Repair Assistant
Network Systems Specialist (1510)
Programmer Analyst I (1512)
Programmer Analyst II (1513)
Senior Electronics Specialist
Senior Programmer Analyst
Technology Help Desk Specialist (1517)
Technology Management Assistant
Technology Support Specialist I (1518)
Technology Support Specialist II (1519)
Technology Support Specialist III
User Services Specialist II (1505)
Web Specialist


Assistant Dispatcher
Bus Aide—Special Education (1603)
Bus Driver—Regular Route (1601)
Bus Driver—Special Education Route (1602)
Dispatch Information Coordinator (1610)
Driver Development Coordinator (1606)
Driver Specialist (1604)
Fleet Mechanic I (1615)
Fleet Mechanic II (1616)
Fleet Service Technician (1617)
Fleet Shop Coordinator (1618)
Route Planning Coordinator (1607)
Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator
Transportation Dispatcher (1608)
Transportation Dispatcher—Special Education Route (1609)
Transportation Driver Trainer (1611)
Transportation Training Coordinator (1612)
Van Driver