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Designated Milk Expression Rooms

4J Board Policy on Milk Expression
4J Administrative Rule on Milk Expression

In every 4J school and building, a space has been designated where an employee can breast-feed her child or express milk in privacy.

School Room
Adams Elementary Room Off of Main Office
ATA Middle School Room 157
Awbrey Park Elementary Room 28
Bailey Hill Instructional Center Health (Nurse’s) Room
Bertha Holt Elementary Room C13
Buena Vista Elementary Room 1A
Cal Young Middle School Room 123
Camas Ridge Elementary Office in Lower Wing
Cesar E Chavez Elementary Room E7
Charlemagne Elementary Front Office Nurse’s Room
Chinese Immersion School Principal’s Office
Churchill High School Room Off Library
Corridor Elementary Room Off Staff Room
Custodial Office 4 in the Lemley Annex
ECCO Counselor’s Office
Education Center SSD Office by Director’s & Room #1 in Instruction Department
Edgewood Community Elementary Office Staff Library
Edison Elementary Room Next to Community Room
River Road/El Camino del Rio Elementary Lactation Room #108
Facilities Server Room
Family School Elementary Principal’s Office
Fox Hollow Room C21
Gilham Elementary Principal’s Office
Howard Elementary Lactation Room in Main Office
Kelly Middle School Room Across From Office
Kennedy Middle School Office Health Room
Madison Middle School Conference Room – Front Office
McCornack Elementary Private Room Off Each Classroom
Monroe Middle School Front Office
North Eugene High School Staff Room
Roosevelt Middle School Room 125
Sheldon High School Room in the SS Office
South Eugene High School Girls’ PE Office – Science and World Lang Wings
Spencer Butte Middle School SPED Office
Spring Creek Elementary Office Conference Room
Transportation Driver’s House Privacy Room
Twin Oaks Elementary Conference Room/Counselor’s Office
Willagillespie Elementary Main Office Conference Room
Yujin Gakuen Elementary Room Off Corridor Staff Room

Updated 09/16/15

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