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Q&A: Job and Life Changes/QSCs


Q: If my assignment changes mid-year, can I make changes to my insurance elections?

A: The quick answer is maybe and it is determined by a few things.   You can find additional information by visiting our Life Events page of the 4J website.

  • If your new assignment causes your out-of-pocket premium to increase of 10% or greater, yes you can make some changes.  You have 31 days to submit a Mid-Year Change form to make the desired changes.  The following restrictions do apply:
    • Medical plans – cancel coverage, change to a less expensive plan or remove dependents.
    • Dental plans – cancel coverage, remove dependents or switch to a less expensive plan, if available.
      * If a dental or vision plan is cancelled and added back during an open enrollment, preventive services will apply for the
      first 12 months after enrollment.
    • Optional Life Insurance –  plans can be cancelled only. Coverage cannot be lowered to a lesser amount
  • Were you previously benefit eligible?
    • Yes.  You cannot make changes to benefits that you were previously eligible for but you can enroll in plans you were not eligible for in your previous position.
      • Your premiums may change (go down if your FTE increased or go up in your FTE decreased) and will automatically be adjusted in accordance to your new benefit eligible position.
    • No.  You can enroll in all plans in which you are now eligible for.  Visit the New Employee Benefits page of our website for details.

Q: If my assignment changes mid-year, when will the corresponding change in benefits take effect?

A: Benefit and premium changes take effect the first of the month following the QSC date.  For example, if your assignment changes March 21st, any benefit changes will take effect April 1st.

Q: My assignment changed last month but I didn’t see any change in my payroll deduction for insurance.  Is something wrong?

A: No.  4J collects insurance premiums at the END of the coverage month, so if you experience a change in hours mid-March, your benefits won’t change until April 1st (see Q&A above) and you won’t actually PAY for April’s new level of coverage until the April 30th paycheck.  If your SECOND check following an assignment change doesn’t reflect the price change you were expecting, then you should call the Employee Benefits Manager at (541) 790-7675.


Q: I’m getting married soon.  How do I go about adding my spouse and his/her children to my insurance?

A: Once the marriage has actually occurred, you have 31 days to submit an Mid-Year Change Form to 4J Human Resources indicating your desire to add your new spouse and/or any children they may have to your insurance plans.  Coverage for those that were added will be effective the 1st of the month following the marriage date.  You will need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate with your mid-year change form.

Q: How do I add a new baby to my insurance?

A: If you or your spouse/partner have a baby, adopt a child or if a child is placed with you in anticipation of adoption, these are all valid QSC events to add a dependent to your insurance coverage.  Simply submit the Mid-Year Change Form to 4J Human Resources indicating your desire to add your new dependent within 60 days of the QSC event date.  Don’t forget about the option to enroll in child life coverage as well (if you didn’t have any eligible children prior to this event).  Coverage is guaranteed when initially eligible, but if you choose not to enroll, proof of good health will be required to enroll during a future Open Enrollment period.  You will not need to provide a birth certificate or social security number unless requested at a later time by the insurance provider.