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Human Resources is Working

The Human Resources team is working and available to answer your questions and offer continuing employee services. The best way to reach us at this time is via email or phone.  In-person meetings and appointments are being limited to help reduce the number of people in the building.

Need contact information? Our general email is HR@4j.lane.edu, and a list of HR services and contacts is available below. Unless otherwise communicated, all timelines and due dates remain unchanged such as contractual leave requests, staffing dates, etc.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The employee assistance program is available to you and your families. The EAP provides services ranging from 24-hour crisis help to confidential counseling to financial and legal services.

This program is being provided to ALL STAFF thru 9/30/2020.  To access this resource you can call 866-750-1327 or visit them online at MyRBH.com (Access Code:  OEBB).  More information is available on the HR website here.

If you have any questions please contact hr_benefits@4j.lane.edu.

More Information

Information regarding the district’s participation with the Oregon Employment Department (OED) Work Share Program can be found here.

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HR ContactsEmailPhone
Human Resourceshr@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7670

Fax: (541) 790-7665
Classified Employee InquiriesHR_Classified@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7683
Licensed Employee InquiriesHR_Licensed@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7678
Administrator Employee InquiriesHR_MAPS@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7687
Coaches Employee InquiriesHR_Coaches@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7685
Sub Desk
Substitute Employee Inquiries
Absence Management System Inquiries
HR_SubDesk@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7689
Leaves of AbsenceHR_Leaves@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7676

Fax: (541) 790-7680
BenefitsHR_Benefits@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7681
Worker's CompensationHR_WorkersComp@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7673
TalentEd - EvaluationsHR_TalentEd@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7677
Volunteer SupportHR_VolunteerSupport@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7669
Field Trip InquiriesHR_FieldTrips@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7669
ADAHR_ADA@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7672
Student TeachersHR_Student_Teacher@4j.lane.edu(541) 790-7670