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Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) provides in house management of planning, design, and construction of capital projects including new facilities, building additions, and major capital improvements and maintenance. Our team manages the development and improvements of facilities that support students, staff, and our community with high quality, state-of-the-art facilities that are cost effective to build and maintain.

In November 2018, the community approved a bond measure that provides funding for the design and construction of two replacement elementary schools, classroom additions to a third elementary school, and replacement of a high school. In addition, funds are provided to improve security, support career technical education, improve energy efficiency, provide equitable access to facilities for all students, and complete major repairs and maintenance.

CIP and Facilities staff updated a district-wide Educational Specifications that provides design guidance for all new facilities and renovations.  These revised documents were updated through a combination of:

  • Community outreach meetings covering:
    • Safety and Security
    • Sustainability and Resilience
    • Equity and Accessibility
    • Health and Wellness
    • Teaching and Learning
  • Community Surveys – Staff, students, parents, volunteers and other building users were invited to provide feedback on their user experience from the eight of the new schools built in the District since 2000.
  • Field surveys – Field observations of the eight schools were conducted to observe daily operations at each site.
  • District Staff –  Instructional and operations staff participated by reviewing the information collected through the lens of their knowledge and experience in modern learning environments and innovative teaching methods. Facilities staff offered extensive experience in construction methods, building systems, and materials.

CIP Staff:

Carole Knapel, Construction Program Manager

Diana McElhinney, Management Assistant

Audrey Lamm, Management Assistant

Glen Macdonald, Project Manager

Jim Polston, Project Manager

Kirk Gebb, Project Manager

Patrick Mucker, Project Manager

CIP Office: 541-790-7417