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Capital Improvement Program

2006-07 reflects construction activity in the fifth year of the district’s capital improvement program (CIP). This six-year program, approved by voters in May 2002, is funded by a $116 million bond levy. Its purpose is to better support learning in district facilities and minimize building repair and operating costs. The CIP also represents the first phase of the Long Range Facilities Plan approved by the Board in February 2002. When fully implemented, the 24-year plan will address approximately 60% of district facilities through replacement, full renovation, consolidations and closures, and the sale, trade or long-term lease of surplus property. The funding strategy consists of four bond measures over 24 years, issued in six-year intervals.

In November 2002, the district issued $70 million in general obligation bonds to fund the first three years of the six-year CIP. Remaining bonds totaling $46 million were issued in August 2005. Capital construction budgeted for 2006-07 includes remodel projects at Willagillespie Elementary School and Jefferson Middle School as well as completion of construction of a new building to replace Cal Young Middle School. Bond proceeds are also budgeted for the replacement and/or upgrade of electrical systems, interior plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, lighting, and technology infrastructure.

The capital budget includes funding for the second year of a five-year preventive maintenance and interior painting program, financed with the proceeds from the sale of surplus properties. Funding is also allocated for potential purchase of real property and for middle school athletic field upgrades.

CIP Staff:

Carole Knapel, Construction Program Manager

Diana McElhinney, Management Assistant

Audrey Lamm, Management Assistant

Glen Macdonald, Project Manager

Jim Polston, Project Manager

Kirk Gebb, Project Manager

Patrick Mucker, Project Manager

CIP Office: 541-790-7417