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Facility Improvement Projects

Facility Improvement Projects (FIP):

Schools and departments wanting to make modifications to existing buildings or grounds require approval via the FIP process, outlined below. Please note that bond projects are managed by the Capital Improvement Program and are not subject to this process.

Current status of review timeline: We accept FIP forms all year with reviews occurring September through February. After February our review team focuses on FIPs that must occur over the Spring and Summer breaks.

Why does the district require this?: To ensure staff and students safety, requested modifications are reviewed by multiple disciplines within Facilities, Instruction and Human Resources. This thorough review helps to reduce risk and define the scope of the project by allowing the District to determine needs such as abatement, engineering, permitting and inspection requirements.

What to expect: Upon submitting the form, district staff review and provide input on the proposal with a response back to the school or department. This review time may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the backlog of FIPs. If approved the funding will be requested from the school or department and project installation schedule will be determined. Installations often occur during non-school days or on breaks to prevent disruption to staff and students. Upon project completion, the improvement becomes property of the district, thus another reason for the thorough review process as the district considers on-going maintenance costs for routine maintenance, repair, paint, cleaning and long term planning for replacement.

Frequently asked questions can be found here: Facilities Improvement Guide

FIP Form: Facilities Improvement Project Form

Hold Harmless for volunteers on FIP projects: Volunteer hold harmless for FIPs

For questions please contact Dexter Rummel at 541-790-7424, or rummel_d@4j.lane.edu