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Public Safety Office

To support the safety and security of Eugene School District 4J’s students and schools, the district has established a district Public Safety Office, a Safety Officer, and safety measures such as staff and volunteer background checks, emergency procedures, training and drills. The Public Safety Office also coordinates the district’s long-established partnership with the Eugene Police Department to provide the School Resource Officers program.

The school district takes the safety of students very seriously. School safety and security measures include: 

  • Emergency guidelines: Eugene School District 4J has developed a districtwide emergency manual, including guidelines for how to deal with serious injury, a hazardous material spill, or dangerous intruders. Each school also has developed its own procedures to respond quickly and appropriately to emergency situations.
  • Safety procedures and training: We train staff to handle the demands of emergencies, and all schools drill regularly for emergency responses for lockdowns, earthquakes, evacuations and more. 4J follows the Standard Response Protocol and ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) protocols to respond to any threat to a school or in the community. Schools routinely practice fire evacuation, building lockdown/lockout and earthquake drills. Staff and students are better prepared to respond in an emergency when they have practiced what to do.
  • Safety tip line: All students and community members are encouraged to immediately report to a school staff member, school resource officer, or other law enforcement any rumors or threats of school violence or other illegal behavior. The district is participating in SafeOregon, a 24/7 tip program dedicated to alerting schools of potential risks so the district and police can take appropriate preventive action. There are several ways to report a concern using SafeOregon: visit safeoregon.com, email tip@safeoregon.com, call or text 1-844-4-SAFE-OR or download the app on your mobile device. You are encouraged to report anything you see or hear about bullying, violence, drugs, or actual or potential harm to a student or school. Tips can be reported anonymously. Learn more
  • Strong relationship with police: Through the School Resource Officers program, we have four police officers and a sergeant working full-time in our schools. Additional patrol officers can respond very quickly to a emergency situation. The school district and Eugene Police work together on all areas of emergency response, including making decisions together for student safety.
  • Fast, clear communications: During an emergency, the district works with public safety officials and school staff to get accurate information about the situation and share it with parents as quickly as possible. We use email, mobile phones, websites and other communication to notify parents, students and media with prompt and accurate information. It is critical that parents provide the school with complete and accurate contact information, so we can reach you if there is ever an emergency.
  • Continuous improvement: While safety measures already are in place in our schools, we are committed to continuing to find ways to improve.