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4J Board Goals 2016-17

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Excellence, equity and choice are the core values that have shaped the board’s direction and actions since 2000.

In Eugene School District 4J, we believe that every student in every school can excel and that it is our responsibility as a board to ensure that every student has equitable access and opportunity. While our district has many strengths and successes to build on, we also must improve to make this vision a reality. In our current system, inequities exist among schools in terms of their ability to address students’ educational needs. These inequities affect student performance and contribute to an opportunity gap.

These goals help us focus our efforts where improvement is most needed. They do not describe every effort we are dedicated to doing. Although not all programs and services are specifically addressed in these goals, we are committed to providing a comprehensive education that meets the needs of each student.

These board goals will allow us to focus our attention on a few key priorities to ensure that we can succeed; that we continue to work within our means; and that we can measure our progress along the way. Upon the board’s adoption of these goals, the superintendent will develop superintendent, department, and school-level outcome goals that will help achieve key results and will be listed in an area of superintendent responsibility in the superintendent’s evaluation process. When the superintendent succeeds, the board succeeds.


Goal:  Increase achievement for every student and close the achievement gap.

The board is committed to ensuring that every student graduates and is college and career ready. Every school must improve teaching and learning with a focus on the Common Core State Standards. Our expectation is that every student will make at least one year of academic growth in each school year. All staff shall provide the support needed to actively engage students in their learning. Some schools will require additional resources to achieve district and state academic goals and close the opportunity gap.

This goal aligns with the Superintendent’s Area of Responsibility 1-Student Achievement


Goal:   Build our staff capacity to perform at a high level.

Staff capacity to deliver high quality instruction is a key lever to student success. Collaborative, data-informed decision-making processes, proficiency in culturally responsive practices, and continued systemic professional development are essential to our success as a school district.

This goal aligns with the Superintendent’s Area of Responsibility 2-Staff Capacity Building


Goal:  Provide prudent stewardship of district resources to best support student success, educational equity and choice.

The board will direct district resources to support the instructional core and to provide educational equity and choice while maximizing administrative and operational efficiency within a sustainable budget. The district must also respond to regional enrollment patterns, a student population with more diverse needs, uncertain revenue streams and escalating costs.

This goal aligns with the Superintendent’s Area of Responsibility 3-Stewardship of District Resources


Goal:  Engage students, families, staff, the community, elected officials and other stakeholders in supporting our schools and improving educational outcomes for all 4J students.

In order for the board to provide effective leadership, it must communicate with and establish working relationships with students, families, staff, the community, and other governmental agencies and engage these stakeholders in supporting our students and schools.

The district will engage in a comprehensive Community Engagement Process to be completed by November 2016.

This goal aligns with the Superintendent’s Area of Responsibility 4-Stakeholder Engagement

Adopted: October 5, 2106