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4J Board Goals

2021–22 BOARD GOALS  (PDF)

Excellence, equity and choice are the core values that have shaped the board’s direction and actions since 2000.

In Eugene School District 4J, we believe that every student in every school can excel and that it is our responsibility as a board to ensure that every student has equitable access and opportunity. While our district has many strengths and successes to build on, we also must improve to make this vision a reality. In our current system, inequities exist among schools in terms of their ability to address students’ educational needs. These inequities affect student performance and contribute to an opportunity gap.

These goals help us focus our efforts where improvement is most needed. They do not describe every effort we are dedicated to doing. Although not all programs and services are specifically addressed in these goals, we are committed to providing a comprehensive education that meets the needs of each student.

These board goals will allow us to focus our attention on a few key priorities to ensure that we can succeed; that we continue to work within our means; and that we can measure our progress along the way. Upon the board’s adoption of these goals, the superintendent will develop superintendent, department, and school-level outcome goals that will help achieve key results and will be listed in an area of superintendent responsibility in the superintendent’s evaluation process. When the superintendent succeeds, the board succeeds.

I. Permanent Superintendent Hiring

  • Conduct a thoughtful national search that results in hiring a permanent superintendent.

II.  Interim Superintendent Performance Evaluation

  • Complete a comprehensive and timely evaluation of the interim superintendent’s performance.

III. Budget Committee Appointments

  • Perform our fiduciary responsibilities in a timely manner by participating in the budget committee process and appointing new members to vacancies.

IV. All Students Belong Initiative

  • Establish the next steps of our multi-year All Students Belong Initiative including the goals and workplan for this year. Then implement the workplan.

V. North Eugene Region Plan

  • Create a plan for the North Eugene Region that includes where YG and Kelly schools will be located and other programming and plans.

VI. Equity Lens

  • Decide on and/or create an equity lens for the district and use it for all decision making. (With Equity Committee)

VII. Climate Change

  • Identify and implement climate change initiatives; begin the process of inventorying what we are doing and then making a plan.

VIII. Community Communications

  • Improve communication and transparency with stakeholders and the community.

Adopted: September 22, 2021