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4J Board Beliefs and Values

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Eugene School District 4J Board of Directors’ Guiding Beliefs and Values

  • Do what’s best for all 4J students
  • Continue to learn and grow
  • Respect and care about each other

In order to meet the District Mission Statement above, the Board has adopted the following guiding beliefs and values:


  • We believe that all children can learn.
  • We believe that our students’ education and welfare are our most important commitments.
  • We believe that a student’s success in school should be independent of factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, disability, native language, religion, and sexual orientation.
  • We believe that public schools should foster development beyond academics such as character, creativity, resourcefulness, citizenship, an understanding of workplace expectations, respect for diverse cultures, and a lifelong love of learning.


  • We value a highly qualified, caring and diverse staff that reflects our student population and believe they are the key to meeting our goals for students.
  • We believe in collaborating with staff in deciding what is best for our schools and our students, recognizing that not everyone may agree.
  • We believe that it is essential for staff and board members to hold high expectations of all students, that these expectations are critical to student success, and that we must hold ourselves and each other accountable for the achievement of all students.
  • We believe that high quality instruction is integral to student success and best achieved by providing strong instructional leadership, targeted professional development, and system-wide accountability and support for student growth.


  • We believe that the board and staff make a difference in learning for our children by developing relationships and effectively engaging our families, community and local, state and federal governments on social, political and economic challenges and inequities.
  • We value public support for our schools and believe that the Board plays a critical role in generating and sustaining community partnerships and ongoing financial and other support.


  • We believe it is critical for the board and staff to plan and direct resources consistent with our beliefs and values.
  • We value continual learning for all—board, staff and students—and believe that it is essential to student success in school.

Re-approved October 3, 2018