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High School Scheduling — Professional Development Subcommittee


  • Preparing teachers to deliver high quality instructional engagement for 90 minutes
    • Ensuring our underserved populations get the best education possible. Training teachers to meet the news of students.
    • AVID Collaborative Study Groups, using this as an extension on what happens in the classroom to allow students to go deeper with context and content.
    • Teaching ‘Rigor’ to staff so that they can go deeper with their lesson design.
    • AVID Site Coordinators/TOSA’s could lead this
    • Administrators are required to attend so that they can support teaching staff and lead the implementation of AVID Schoolwide.
    • Equitable Grading Practices
    • Curriculum Alignment Per Semester Change


  • Meaningful Collaboration between teachers during the work day:
    • General Education/Special Education Teachers
    • Content Area Teachers
    • Grade Level Teachers


  • Starter Collaboration Conversations: 
    • Adjust curriculum to # hours
    • Help students with IEP’s. Teachers can help students with the roadblocks in academics.
    • Teacher collaboration. EX: all high schools are teaching the same information.