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High School Scheduling — Flex Day Subcommittee

FLEX PERIOD 1 — ADVISORY (Common Scope and Sequence)

1. Advisory/Affinity Groups – would meet during advisory time. They would cover required content in a more familiar and cultural responsive atmosphere. Other students would be assigned to an advisory teacher and loop with that teacher for four years.

2. Aligned Scope and Sequence (Tight/Loose) for all High Schools

Required Content (Tight)

  • Erin’s Law/Addie’s Act — required
  • Forecasting — required
  • Required Surveys — required
  • Invisible Disabilities — required*
  • Develop the scope and sequence of advisory lessons so that each grade level gets a little something different, or an evolution of content instead of having each grade level repeat the same material each year.

Expected Content (Loose) that can land where it fits best, SEL — Sources of Strength, Naviance/College and Career Readiness, etc.

  • Content that is prescribed and automatic on Canvas for a school to offer by grade level and mixed grade level.
  • Teachers will need to keep the same students (cohort) for continuity purposes. Students should be grouped by counselor and by grade level. Changing the Advisory groups many times will lose the buy-in that teachers have.
  • Ensure Advisory Lessons are built into CANVAS. Detailed expectations for having a learning management system.
  • Canvas implications and changes — No penalty for students who have school-affiliated extracurricular activities that take them off campus multiple days in a week (athletes, band members, field trips, etc), i.e. Basketball athletes will miss Tuesdays and/or Fridays. Essentially missing half a course in a term.
  • Attach to lunch for advisory/groups


Not Office Hours – By design are invitational and not directed to students that need the additional Time and Support the most. Can’t be by invitation. Students struggling the most, likely won’t come in.  Students need to be chosen for intervention strategically, and directed to attend, vs. invited. We can’t leave a student’s graduation status and access to success to be determined by them. Students must be assigned to office hours. How often can we do this? C-day (Flex day) could add more “office hours: Teachers need collaboration (SPED and GENED) or other departments.

Strategic/Directed – Additional time and support. Students struggling the most, likely won’t come in.  Students need to be assigned academic intervention time strategically, and directed to attend, vs. invited.

Enrichment opportunities — Summer enrichment ideas. (Electives) Student Choice, Study Hall, INC could be wrapped up here, etc.

  • Credit? How much for flex periods
  • Part-time staff do they teach flex?

Develop a scope and sequence — AVID Collaborative Study Groups for study hall time in Flex, could be the default mode.

Students with Incompletes from the previous term could be assigned a place and location to complete their Incomplete.