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Student Success Act


Eugene School District 4J’s plan to invest new state funds to support all students’ success, informed by extensive staff and community input, was approved by the Eugene School Board on March 18, 2020.

Major components of the plan include making significant investments to improve early reading skills; hiring more teachers to reduce class sizes in targeted grades; adding more mental health and behavioral supports for students; and providing full schedules for high schoolers.

In August 2020, state lawmakers reduced the amount of grant funding that eligible school districts could expect to receive in the first year, in response to the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Eugene School District 4J now expects to receive about $4.3 million (including funds for charter schools and indirect costs) in Student Investment Account funds—about one-third of the amount that was initially projected—during the first year of the new school funding.

The district will reduce the scope of implementation during the first year to account for the reduced level of funding. Some staff to support students’ wellbeing have already been added in anticipation of the funds, and most of the major initiatives contained in the plan still will be launched during the current school year, albeit at a reduced scope.

SSA Student Investment Account Plan: 
• 4J Student Success Act Plan, March 2020
• Reduced Plan Information
• Reduced Plan Overview
• Reduced Plan Strategies and Budget

About the Student Success Act

In spring 2019 the Oregon Legislature passed and the Governor signed the Student Success Act (HB 3427) into law. This is a historic and much needed investment in K–12 schools.

The Student Success Act is expected to provide about $1 billion per year in additional funding for public schools and early learning in Oregon, about half of it going directly to school districts and eligible charter schools based on enrollment through the Student Investment Account. This is expected to provide about $12 million per year in new funding for Eugene School District 4J—about a 5% increase in the district’s general fund budget, starting with the 2020–21 school year.

Each school district must develop a plan for how to invest these funds to increase academic achievement, close gaps between groups of students and meet students’ mental and behavioral health needs.

Funds may be spent in four broad categories:

  • Increasing learning time
  • Addressing student health and safety needs
  • Reducing class size / increasing classroom staffing
  • Expanding well-rounded learning opportunities

Eugene School District 4J invited staff, families and community members to engage in identifying needs, desired improvements, and potential investments to best support student success.

School districts are required to apply for funds. The application process includes a District Needs Assessment developed with an expansive public engagement process with multiple and diverse stakeholders, and the district’s 4J Vision 20/20 Strategic Plan, which was developed with extensive community input.