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Regular School Schedules Resume in Fall 2021

District plans to return to standard school schedules five days a week

Eugene School District 4J is excited to bring students back to school on-site full-time this fall.

Schools will return to their regular schedules in fall 2021 after more than a year of altered schedules for distance learning and hybrid on-site/online learning.

For families planning dates in advance, the 2021–22 school calendar also is available now. We look forward to welcoming our students back in September!

School Level


Friday Early Release

Elementary Schools, Tier 1 Schedule 

Camas Ridge • Chávez • Chinese Immersion • Edison* • Gilham • Holt • Howard • Spring Creek • Twin Oaks

* Edison previously was Tier 2, but has changed to Tier 1 while located at the Willard site. 

7:55 a.m.–2:25 p.m.  1:10 p.m.

Elementary Schools, Tier 2 Schedule 

Adams • Awbrey Park • Buena Vista • Charlemagne • Edgewood • Family School • McCornack • River Road/El Camino del Río • Willagillespie • Yujin Gakuen

8:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m. 1:45 p.m.

Middle Schools 

9:00 a.m.–3:35 p.m. 2:35 p.m. 

High Schools 

8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m.


Eugene School District 4J changed to a consistent calendar and standard schedules for all schools in 2018 to provide enough, fair and equal instruction time for students and consistent, predictable schedules for families.

Previously each 4J school had a different calendar and schedule, with different start and end times, different school day lengths, and different early-release, late-start and no-school days. This was inconsistent for families and led to significant differences in the amount of learning time for each student and active teaching time for each teacher.

4J schools now have consistent times and amounts of instruction. Each school decides how to schedule instruction, recess, lunch, and breaks within the school day, with parameters for the amount of non-instructional time to ensure students get enough classroom learning time.

Class schedules were different in spring 2020 and the 2020–21 school year for distance learning and hybrid on-site/online learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, but schools will resume their regular standard schedules when students return to school on-site full-time in fall 2021.

More Information

2021–22 School Calendar
Standard School Schedules
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