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Wondering About Weather?

How to know if school services are canceled or classes moved online • No news = No change 

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Winter weather can make road conditions hazardous, but learning can continue on snowy days. With students currently learning online, and with our increased ability to provide instruction and services remotely, 4J schools will be more able to continue operations during inclement weather than in past years.

If inclement weather occurs during comprehensive distance learning, on-site services—such as food service and delivery, busing, internet hubs and limited in-person instruction—may be canceled, and schools will continue instruction at a distance.

If inclement weather occurs during hybrid or on-site learning, in general, there will be no change if school buses are able to drive safely on regular routes or snow routes. If not, on-site services will be canceled and all schools will operate in distance learning.

When inclement weather is a concern, decisions regarding schedule changes are made in the early morning, before school, when current weather conditions can be assessed. These decisions are made districtwide and are the same for every 4J school.

There are several ways to find out if there is a change on snowy or icy days:

If there is a change due to weather, the district will make the decision and announce it before 6:30 a.m. If there is no change, there will NOT be an announcement.

If students are learning on-site, families are encouraged to consider road conditions in their areas and make their own decisions based on safety. Parents’ individual decisions about school attendance will be honored.

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*It is impossible to guarantee text message delivery 100% of the time, and your alert may be delayed or blocked. If you are concerned about the weather and have not received a text by 6:30 a.m., check the 4J website, radio or TV for information about closures, delays or snow routes.

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